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Numerology/Astrology for 10/26/17

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10/26/17 is the number 10. Power is something that has to be built through integrity, commitment, and follow through. Power is not handed to you it is earned. Others grow to respect you from observing your effectiveness in the world. Notice today where you are effective and lacking in your effectiveness. Work on your weaknesses rather than play always to your strengths. You may be frustrated in the learning process now but in other lifetimes you may need that hard-won skill later in a critical time.
The Moon continues its transit of Capricorn today, and it is a good time to be concerned with plans, rules, and performance. While the Capricorn Moon is unusually protective of your vulnerabilities, especially with its alignment to Pluto today, tonight’s Moon-Chiron sextile helps put your soft spots to work in constructive ways, especially through guidance and support of others. The Sun forms its annual conjunction to Jupiter today, this year in the sign of Scorpio, and you can be especially aware of your desire to excel in the emotional realms. This is a time of discovery and a renewed sense of joy, faith, and optimism. Vitality increases as you build your confidence. Notice how you are more generous, optimistic, and sociable under this influence. You might seek increased recognition and respect. With your generous, liberal attitude, this may very well be forthcoming. Going forward, it’s an excellent time to take steps to grow something important that has value and influence. You can feel determined and confident about making profound, long-lasting changes to improve your life. This transit also favors reasonable legal, educational, religious, financial, and cultural endeavors.

~Suzanne Wagner~



All I want is peace of mind
and someone to share it with.
~Poetry Language~



Travel is what reminds me of where I still have edges and places to grow. In this growing and expanding world all of those who live in a bubble are going to become metaphorically extinct. What I mean by that is that those who continue to limit their experiences will become less and less effective and no longer be able to really have an impact in this drastically expanding and changing world. What I know by being out there is that living in that bubble is a type of chosen death. That is because in this reality having the illusion that you can stay the same or go back is so absurd that the only way you can do that is to have become a frozen child of sorts. The future is for the brave. The future is those that expand, not for those who contract in the face of challenges.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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