October 28, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 10/28/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/28/16

10/28/16 is the number 2. It will be easy to drop into a negative mental state today if you are not aware and alert to the astrological and numerological patterns that are shaping this day’s mood and energy. Awareness is the key so instead of falling into habits and patterns that make you the righteous one, step out of right and wrong all together and remember that we all want changes that align with our predispositions and prejudices. While none of us can completely get what we want there is a moment to let go of your limited perspective and step into a greater view of reality. Let the mind hone and sharpen your clarity in a way that you can see the value of not getting what you want completely. When you do not get the outcome you are looking for that means that what you believed you wanted is just actually not part of the greater whole at this time. Yet, you will get what you need on a spiritual and evolutionary level if you step out of this small moment in time and look way down the road to the future. Your life has meaning, just not often the one that your ego seems to give it. The Moon is in affable Libra all day, and discovering a new way to balance your personal desires with those of another comes into focus. As diplomatic as you may strive to be under this influence, your communications may not translate in the way you intended. Words expressed can hit a nerve, so think through conversations before you have them with care and attention to detail. Remember, the meaning of your communication is the result you produce. You may find that you are very impatient with rules, worry or have guilty feelings, and are hyper aware of conflicting viewpoints that are stirring up tensions (because of a Mercury-Chiron aspect this morning). You are also moving towards a Mars-Uranus square, exact shortly after the day ends. Be careful because under this aspect you can be tempted to take risks or to act on sudden impulses without considering the bigger consequences down the road. There is a lack of patience because of feeling restricted or limited. You might feel rebellious in the face of other people implementing rules and regulations around you. Particularly those you believe might be outdated or anything that requires you to conform to the will of others. There may be changes in your work schedules and life’s circumstances could challenge you to redirect your energy or alter some of your long-term goals. Energy is stop-and-go, and it can be hard to focus on only one activity. Inner tension begs for some type of release. Just know that this pattern unfolding will take a long time to have the final clarity that you seek. Patience is going to be needed while the universe makes some major alterations to the global plan.
~Suzanne Wagner~
A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

~Jean de La Fontaine~



There are moments when you calmly recognize that the anger and chaos are no longer what you want or where you want to come from. You see the drama being inflamed into destructive weapons that only cause more suffering and solve nothing. What does it take for humanity to step out of that protective, destructive, tendency and to choose to listen to each other with open hearts and minds? Clearly we are still not there. Clearly we continue to repeat the patterns of history again and again in an attempt to do something different. Progression is very slow when what drives the carriage is anger and hatred. Finding peaceful solutions move slowly. Choosing balance over chaos takes internal and external discipline. There are no quick solutions and the only way is to finally work together towards a world that is sustainable for all.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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