October 28, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 10/29/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/29/19

10/29/19 is the number 6. Think, feel into, contemplate, and ask for divine help. So much is going on that you are uncertain as to what is happening and where to step next. That is why, today is the day to stop. Stop and drop into what is happening. Do not let all the interconnections throw you out of balance. Use it to bring past things back into present reality. Without a bit of care and truth, everything will just continue to spin. And that is not a pleasant feeling.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The is a lot of Scorpio going on. The Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Nothing like stirring the burned pot of soup and watching all the burned stuff rise to the surface Yes, it looks like you might just have to start over. And that would be the easiest thing to do.

With the Moon going into Sagittarius at dinner time this evening, it might feel like it is time to explore, learn, and discover some completely new recipes for soup.

But while the Moon is in Scorpio, strategize and make choices around all these intense emotional aspects. Today is the shift to turn from inward to outward. Take a good look at your plans and really iron out the details. Without the willingness to look at what is being neglected, your plan might fail.

There is a Venus-Pallas alignment that is set to help you connect with others who share similar ideas. Perhaps you can combine forces?

The Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio means that you have the ability to be fair in your judgment. This is a time for preparation. Take a look to your reality to see what you need to prepare for.

The Moon sextile Pluto. You are awakening to something that holds great interest for you. Embrace that new adventure. You mind wants to explore new things.

The Moon conjunction with Venus. Emotionally you are feeling many things. It is hard to feel your heart pulled in lots of directions all at once. Your past is catching up to your present and your future is reeling because of the integration of many old aspects attempting to heal all at once.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Greed unmasks the souls of the unloved.
Greed is one of the main causes of suffering.
Greed never allows anyone to feel satisfied.
Greed makes you love money more than souls.
Correction comes when you love people
so much that you use money
to help and support those in need.
After all, a rich heart sees value
and wealth in an ugly beggar.
~Suzanne Wagner~


We live in a time of tremendous change. Such an awakening does not always happen. There have been moments in history that it is clear, such as the Renaissance. That particular event happened because finally there was enough food to feed most of the people. It was a time of abundance and because of the leisure time that it afforded, art, music, and philosophy flourished. I wish we were presently in such a time. But this moment is causing the awakening because there is a continuous slide out of prosperity and into more and more lack. Where the rich get very rich and the poor suffer at the hands of the powerfully connected and wealthy. Such moments never last long because people have had a taste of liberty and freedom. And once those very precious flavors are tasted and experienced, they can never be forgotten. Humanity knows that we deserve better. We know that we can do more. And yes, the rich will have to stop being so desperately greedy and pay their fair share in the reconstruction of what they have attempted to destroy. Life is not a game of “all or nothing”. It was supposed to be a game of compassion and the expansion of the expressions of love. And this horror that has been created by those with hearts the size of a pea will eventually end. Such moments never end well for them.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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