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Numerology/Astrology for 10/29/20

10/29/20 is the number 16 = 7.

If you add the 1 + 0 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 16.

1 + 6 = 7
I listened to my heart and I looked with my mind. The number 7 reminds us to have discernment and logic back our intuitive impulses. Balance in this world is very important. But it is the logic that seems to be lacking in too many places. It is now time to lay down some stepping-stones to help create the path forward towards a more unified reality. We are a complex organism and because of our inherent complexity we also need very detailed and unified rules of law to support the world that we are creating. Structures and strategies that are in alignment with the voice, heart, and thoughts of the people have the potential to stand the test of time. Those that don’t … well let’s just say will collapse into the history books for winning the Darwin Awards.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

We are still in a Mercury retrograde. So give some extra time to get things done. Everything is taking a bit more time, nerve, and energy to get to a state of completion.
I know it is frustrating but we need to stay calm.
This week has an emotional charge unlike anything we have felt before. It is important to recognize that there are those that have a need to have a fighting spirit coupled with an emotional charge that wants action even when it is ill-advised.
It is clear to everyone that we are in a massive breakdown of all things familiar. It has everyone on edge. Know that differences of opinion can escalate into arguments and violence quickly.
Stay calm and loving.
There have always been more of those that love than that hate.
Stay true to our heart no matter what.

With the Moon in Aries aligning with a retrograding Mars in Aries, let’s just say that there are more issues arising than we want. Stay calm cool and collected because there is also a square forming with Jupiter. So much fiery energy can make things very distracted and reactive. Put personal issues to the side and focus on the worldly things that can make a better world.

Every little thing that comes up can make things more strained and buried frustrations will look for anything to make a problem.
Resentments are close to the surface. Problems are not easily mastered and try to avoid making quick decisions. They may end not the way we intended.

Let’s discover new and unusual activities. It is important to make some obvious and necessary changes.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“All that we are
is the result of what
we have thought.
The mind is everything.
What we think …. we become.”

~The Buddha~


I wish to create a world that is a combination of essential principals that support life in all its forms. I wish for a world where there is a unified theory of knowledge, a psychology of consciousness and a sociology of how people in societies should live together.
I see the connection between the self and this world as an interdependent/interconnected journey. All life operates from an essential reciprocal dynamic that flows from personal to social interactive transformation.
When we focus on creating a world filled with happy individuals that feel appreciated and are given opportunities to grow… then we foster societies of kindness that feel full enough to be generous to other forms of life whether human or not.
I don’t care what someone’s beliefs are or the religion they follow because I believe the only religion is kindness. As a society we need to look to how someone lives their life rather than what religion, culture, or social structure they operate from.
When we, as a people, understand that whatever “Is” right now will be a “WAS” in a short period of time, then perhaps we will let go of all that attachment.

Nothing ever remains forever. All things arise in consciousness and then the mind manifests them. But eventually they will dissolve away in their own nature cycle as that lesson is learned and no longer necessary.

It is important for humanity to begin to recognize that this endless quest to know the self, is intrinsically empty of value because it is a simple identification with the mind. That quest for the self or the “I” is nothing but a construction and game that the mind plays in order to create definition for some form of self-importance.
It also creates with it a lot of false beliefs.
Our western culture gives too much power and credence to the “I”. The individual or the ego is held in special regard and looked up to.
What we need instead is a personal psychology that attempts to make the self … whole. Then we can free it from neurotic and dysfunctional states of being.
As a whole, we can endlessly search for ways to achieve solidarity, certainty, and security. But those states are transitory and essentially doomed from the beginning.
True leadership arises when someone uses their talents, skills, and competencies on behalf of a determination within their heart and an alignment to their core values.
That is how we change internal and external environments into something that serve the greater good for all.
What is lacking in our world is a society that is taught from a young age, what is “right perception” and “right discernment”.
Only then can someone take a correct standpoint and draw the right conclusions.
What is clear to me at this time is how much our society for a very long time has refused to address the suffering that has been in front of us.
The mistake that we continue to make is that we are a separate self from the suffering all around us. And that is where we are wrong.
When we primarily focus on creating a harmonious society, then we have to recognize that the cause of the present situation we are in …. is arising from human self-centeredness, greed, excessive competition, and conflicts that are designed to not allow a soul to find the center of true happiness within.
Those that cling so hard to “Identity” and a “Separate Self”” cling to things, processes, ideals, and objects that will not stand up to the test of time.

We are searching for a transformational leader. One that does not need to rely on charisma but one that recognizes that they are a servant to the people and that they need to foster relationships within a country of trust and cooperation. When the core values of a servant leader include, integrity, altruism, humility, empathy, personal growth, fairness and justice, and empowerment, then the integrity of a country returns to a path that has the potential for fairness, justice and loving kindness.

When the people are healthy the society is healthy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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