October 3, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 10/4/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/4/18

10/4/18 is the number 7. The number 7 requires you to come up with something new. The present plans and strategies are not working. That much is clear. So now what? What can you do to make your mind clearer and your heart more open and loving? There are moments when you have to throw out the play book you have been working with. It is old, antiquated, and actually useless in this new world. Those that cling to old books will find themselves lost and confused. Turning pages seeking to find something to hang onto that will help to make sense of this moment. But some moments have no logical explanation. Or the sense that you will make out of it, will be a conclusion that manifests all the way at the end. Some riddles do not make sense until the path has been clearly laid out. It is only then that you see the pattern in the insanity, the connection in the puzzle pieces. Such is this moment. You want to know the answer but the clarity you seek comes from walking the path and collecting the experiences and tools that are being laid out for you. There is only one choice. You must walk the path laid out in front of you. You must be willing to learn the lessons necessary and taste the bitterness of your unhealed aspects.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

While the Moon in Leo builds up confidence, your feelings become stronger and more compelling. There is a deep desire to tell the truth to others and to share our deepest heart.

The Moon clashes with the Goddess of Love, Venus. So, while the Moon wants something new and refreshing, Venus is a bit brooding and less than cooperative. But the Sun in Libra attempts to rein in the emotional volatility of both of these demanding signs to find a more cooperative way to the middle ground.

Venus and Mars are parallel and in declination today. So, while there is a deep desire to act and to bring some sort of harmony into place, this combination can create a type of competitive atmosphere. If we could all find a way to channel this energy into a happier place that is creatively constructive that would be lovely.

Pluto continues to remind us that all things die, and all things change. And that process is not something that you get to decide if you want to experience or not. You are experiencing death right now and if you are awake and aware you will notice how powerless you feel in this moment. There is the phrase, “Die before you die!” That is what Pluto is attempting to teach us. We are walking in the shadow of death at this time. We are walking through the cremation fields of our past life. This present death is attempting a complicated process to peel away that which is not authentic and true to what we intended to become. You are in a personal existential crisis. You are not dealing with superficial issues. You are attempting to release the power from within by burning away that which is not useful at this time.

Unfortunately, we are just at the beginning of this “bonfire of the vanities” Pace yourself. Keep letting go of the which is no longer helpful or relevant to yourself or others.

There is no separation that is possible, even from those that trigger your anger, resentment, and hate. We are united whether we like it or not. There is a mystery here asking to be solved. How do you take the sword of war and suffering out of the core of this beautiful planet without destroying the planet to get it out?
~Suzanne Wagner~


Sanity follows the natural flow and course.
Sanity cares about cause and effect.
And brings it into consideration
with each choice and movement.
Its desire is to build up and bring forth.
Insanity follows the god of chaos and destruction.
Insanity desires to tear down and destroy what has been.
It does not consider anyone or anything but itself.
And each choice and movement,
and leaves a trail of blood and tears.

~Suzanne Wagner~




The Buddhist Concept of Impermanence

Impermanence is an undeniable and inescapable fact of human existence from which nothing that belongs to this earth is ever free.

Buddhism declares that there are five processes on which no human being has control and which none can ever change. These five processes are namely, the process of growing old, of not falling sick, of dying, of decay of things that are perishable, and of the passing away of that which is liable to pass. Buddhism however suggests that escape from these is possible and it’s through enlightenment and seeking awareness that leads to conscious clarity.

Thus, early Buddhism declares that in this world there is nothing that is fixed and permanent. Everything is subject to change and alteration. “Decay is inherent in all component things,” Buddha accepted that existence was always in flux. And all things on this earth, a process of continuous becoming.

Life flows like a river. It is a continuous progressive moment with a series of successive and yet different moments that all join together to give the impression of one continuous flow. The connections that cause the illusion of continuous flow are those of cause and effect.

One state of awareness leads to another manifestation of existence, and so on and so on. The river of your life today will not be the same as the river of your life tomorrow. The swollen, storm swelled river of this moment will not be the same as the dry season flow of the river later. That river is life and that river continuously shifts, becoming something and becoming nothing from moment to moment.

Human beings are also not the same in each moment. You are not who you were when you were 5 years old now. You will not be who you are now, when you die. A person becomes what he or she is in the context of the time in which he or she exists. And the choices and decisions each makes defines those roles and manifestations that become a part of your own becoming.

Presently, we are all dealing with the undeniable truth of impermanence and change. This moment is a product of the past and the result of the previous actions and inactions of each and every one of us. Because of ignorance, there are those that believe in something and that something (if they believe in it hard enough) is a continuous reality.

But in truth, it is not.

Great civilizations have come and gone in this river of life. Great moments of art and civility have been torn down by those that are selfish and ignorant. It is the complacency of those present in the moment that allow for the destruction of great legacies.

The seed is not the tree, though it is an essential part of creating a tree. The fruit is not the tree, though it is produced by the tree. And the chopping down of the tree to use it as fuel, ends the process of that tree, until (perhaps) something can grow up from the scattered seeds or from the deepest roots and truth of that tree. But that tree will never be the same. It will never look the same. Cycles have endings and beginnings.  And now, we find ourselves, at the end. The end of what will determine the beginning.

We could end bigotry, sexual abuse, false beliefs, religions that intend to harm using the great words of great teachers whose would cringe at the use and abuse of their name and their gifts to this world. Perhaps, we could end famine, lack of water, and the destruction of this world. There are many things that are being shown to each of us that need to end. What do you focus on? What needs to die within yourself? What are you personally killing off?

~Suzanne Wagner~


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