October 5, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 10/6/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/6/18

10/6/18 is the number 9. The number 9, is the number of completion. How can you be the gentle voice in an angry world? How can you fully listen to all the screaming? How do you gather dependable information when you are actively being blocked, ignored, and silenced? Your spirit is like a fingerprint. It is a unique configuration of patterns and experiences. The number 9 is about understanding that your choices and actions either create more karma or stay the hand of karma. When you are fully embodying the energy of the number 9, you will recognize the road that you are again traveling. And you will have been on that road enough to know the twists and turns in that road. But even more important you will know the potholes that you will need to swerve around. This is the number that brings to light your culpability in this present situation. You are part of this pattern even if you are only holding a small corner of the fabric. In the highest sense this number acts and responds to situations with clarity, understanding and love. This energy looks at the motivations behind things and has integrated experience enough to know when someone is attempting to “pull a fast one”.
The number 9 represents the Hermit card in the tarot. He is the one who bears the lantern of sagacity (The ability to make good judgments, the trait of forming opinions by distinguishing and evaluating.) that lights the way through the darkness. In his other hand he holds the staff of authority to steady his feet in a world where the ground is unstable. He stands in the wastelands of the soul, breathing life into death. He is the walker between the worlds. He knows the value of silence. He listens only to the voice of the Divine. And returns to this world with those messages. He is the true seeker of conscious ascension. The danger of this character is to linger too long in the “in-between”. Which can cause stagnation and standstill.

“True spirituality cannot abide stagnant waters”

You do not need to be perfect to seek perfection within.

In China, the number 9 represents the magic and power of the dragon. That dragon is now awake and moving. That dragon has wisdom to share with you if you will stop, enter the silence, and listen. That dragon has no time for deception. He or she is older that the ground that you walk upon. The dragon cannot be deceived. The dragon knows all the tricks. It is time for each of you to meditate and find that place of ancient power within you and allow the awakening of that ancient self to come forth. The number 9 in China is about knowing that true Spiritual deeds only have magic if they first are given life and power from a sincere sacrifice on your part. The Dragon knows that words are cheap, but deeds have the power to illicit a change with the power to stick and stand the test of time. Know that even with the full embodiment of the Dragon within you, it will not allow you to fix all the worlds ills at once. But it will change the trajectory of your life and begin that journey out of the darkness of fear and into the light of clarity and certainty.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Virgo points to the way in which things are done. Structure and strategy is important for credibility. When that is not followed the critical side of Virgo comes out in spades. Expect a lot of detailed opinions about why something is not okay and how the reasonable patterns of life are not being followed or adhered to.

While the Moon is in opposition to Neptune (especially this evening) you can expect to feel shocked and upset. Know that people and circumstances want to throw you off your game. It will feel like it is time to “take care of business”. There is a focus happening that desires change and to make improvements rather than to slide back into the muck.

Know that thoughts are a bit scattered today for a myriad of reasons. The restlessness creates difficulties in dealing with groups and friendships. How people think and their attitudes strikes certain cords within you. Not all will be positive.

Each person feels that pull that they want to protect their own comfort, security and finances. It feels like things are being taken from you without your consent and there is a type of confusion and uncertainty that is playing out on the personal level that is going to impact on a global level eventually. It choices are not wholesome, healthy, and natural they should not be given the time of day or have you put energy in those directions.

Keep it real. Keep it practical and accomplish those items that you know need to be done. That will allow you to feel as if you have some control in a world going out of control. You cannot change everything. But you can change yourself and do what you can do in each and every moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“True spirituality
cannot abide
stagnant waters”

~Suzanne Wagner~






Today’s blog is taken from Astrologer, Chani Nicholas website about the Venus retrograde. Enjoy.

Retrograding every 18-months, the myths associated with Venus’s backward motion are of the goddess’s great descent. Venus was known as Inanna by the Sumerians. Her famous underworld journey is a tale of reckoning, awakening, and integrating the powerful material of the unconscious into consciousness. 

Called one day by her sister, Ereshkigal, goddess of the underworld, Inanna descends to her realm. Ereshkigal is the opposite to Inanna’s beauty, glory, and adoration. She is the sister betrayed. Feared. Unloved. Alone. Rejected. Her pain has distorted her. Her hunger for love left unjustly unfulfilled. Ereshkigal is the aspect of Inanna, the aspect of us all, that lives just under the surface waiting for our consciousness to open to its call.

When she reaches her sister in the underworld, Inanna is met with a death stare that annihilates her. Her corpse is then hung on meat hooks, left to rot where no one can reach her. The only beings that come to her aid are two magical helpers who appease Ereshkigal by witnessing her pain, acknowledging it and mirroring her struggle back to her. These beings echo Ereshkigal’s cries and wails. For the first time Ereshkigal is relieved of her pain because she is related to. Accepted. Given some compassion for her struggle. In return for this kindness she gifts them Inanna’s body and the goddess is reborn. Ascending to the Great Above, Inanna is renewed, but is never the same. Now fully awakened by coming into contact with the pain of her other half, Innana is, for the first time, a Queen truly worthy of her crown.

Ereshkigal is the deep reservoirs of power that lay within the unconscious. We cannot come into contact with our full potential until we are willing to descend into our underworlds, reckoning with the truth of what has happened to us. The struggle of marrying the unconscious and the conscious, the Queen of the Great Above, and the Queen of the Great Below, is a process of transformation so intense and painful we can only do it in the underworld. We need deep caverns, incubators, and safe places to grieve and reunite with ourselves.

The collective rage that is being unleashed in this moment is incredible. Undeniable. Irreversible. Ancient. This has been a year of opening ourselves to the howls of Ereshkigal. We are all being asked to meet her, acknowledge her pain, and invite in the lessons and wisdom of this myth. We are not above the forces that threaten to pull us under, but we are undoubtedly made more whole when we can hold space for our broken and still beautiful selves.

Venus stations retrograde on October 5th at 10° of Scorpio and be retrograde through November 16th, when it will station direct at 25° of Libra.
~Chani Nicholas~


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