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Numerology/Astrology for 10/6/19


10/6/19 is the number 10. Change is in the air. If you smell the air you can inhale the electrified energy of powerful change coming. If you let yourself feel, you can feel the moisture of the storm coming. If you listen, you can hear the wind increase and the thunder in the distance as it comes your way. Learning to harness the power of such moments in time is essential to stepping past your old self and embracing the discomfort of an expanded self. Power is something that you learn to hold, carry, and share with others. That does not mean everyone uses power appropriately. It is up to you to only allow your power to flow through when it first touches your heart and compassion. Then all your actions have an intention of goodness, care, and sincerity.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today


As you are sleeping on Sunday evening, Mercury will oppose Uranus. This restless energy might keep you awake or make you have wild dreams. If you have trouble, try to remain calm and just keep telling yourself, “I am relaxed”. I find that is what always helps me when I cannot sleep.

The Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto (also in Capricorn), making depression and melancholy feel set in stone. But nothing is every forever. So don’t allow it to pull you into panic that things will never change because they are changing, although slowly.

The Moon squares Venus in Libra. Expect emotional moments that for some might promote risky actions. Know that your response to love issues might be a bit tense. Remember to breathe and reflect on how it is the love that will carry you through challenging moments.

The Moon will go into Aquarius when you are asleep before midnight. Expect tomorrow to be more social and bring the clarity of common sense and objective overview.

Tomorrow the Mercury/Uranus Opposition will be exact and expect mental tension, miscommunications, and changes of the mind. You will notice the resistance within yourself and others. Do your best to apply your highest overview so that you can see past the moment and into the future. Choices now make a difference that will either make things harder or easier. Go for easy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


In every moment the power
of your intention
is creating your future.
Your intention is the energetic
demand to be a part of a
conscious act to self-determination.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe that more and more of humanity is prepared to actually hear the truths that have been held back from them for thousands of years. I believe that more of humanity is open to thinking past what they have been told and are willing to begin to integrate information beyond their comfort zones.

This is an important and monumental shift in consciousness.
When I was a dancer in Berlin, one of my neighbors was a Professor of Antiquities for the Vatican and he had (in those days) microfilm copies of all the ancient texts that he was translating for the Vatican. He spoke 60 ancient text languages and had a photographic memory. I (metaphorically) lived at his apartment and got the very rare opportunity to peruse through very rare and very hidden books with an expert. What I discovered was that there was a lot more information out there that was not being told to the public.
When I asked him, “Why didn’t the Roman Catholic Church share (what I considered mind-blowing information) with all of us?” His response was laughing, “Oh, the Roman Catholic Church does not want you to know this information. If humanity did, then they would lose their power and control through tithing.”
That is because the books clearly said over and over again, “That God is within each of us!” You do not need a church, a book, another person, etc. to be connected to the divine. We are all naturally connected to the divine … at all times …. and in each moment.
While there are tools to connect more deeply, everyone has it within themselves to find the truth and the answers they seek.
But for thousands of years, humanity was less educated and less able to be discerning of information. They lacked the cognitive ability to understand the more complex and deeper patterns of mental clarity to fully understand the impact of certain pieces of information.
Presently, we are in a time of massive exchange of information where we are able to discover and share information quickly. The mind-expanding potential is a real thing that is happening.
Are we mature enough to handle the truth? Clearly that is a big question at the moment. There is a large group of people that fear the truth coming out and breaking their bubble of self-protection and self-righteousness.
But that bubble is going to break. One way or the other… it cannot be helped.
I am excited to see this shift and as we speak, I can feel it beginning.
That is why there are so many afraid and attempting to control things that they cannot really control.
You cannot control the expansion of minds and hearts.
You cannot control the quest of humanity for freedom and their desire for rules of law that protect and defend the innocent.
You cannot control love. And love is stronger than hate. Much stronger.
I will move towards love … not fear. I am willing to learn, receive, and integrate as much information as possible to find the spiritual clarity that allows for my growth and the freedom of my soul.
I trust in my ability to see past my own prejudices.
I do not accept another’s opinion as truth without a mental system of checks and balances.
But I am open to hear their perspective and the reasoning why.
To me it is simple. One person’s perspective is just not enough to be declared as truth. But it can be one piece in the journey to discover those illusive and “greater truths”.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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