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Numerology/Astrology for 10/6/20

10/6/20 is the number 11.
If you add the 1 + 0 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

Expand your mind and allow for new ways to perceive. On a global level our consciousness is expanding.
I hope that our compassion is also going to grow with it. When you move, with both, cognitive knowing (from the place of presence and conscious intention), and with great deep and abiding compassion for all life. That is where you will make the best choices and decisions.
This number is also about learning to listen when there is new and important information coming through that needs to be fully integrated. We cannot really learn if you are gaging everything coming in as a comparison to what you already know.
It is time when we begin to understand that we just don’t know all the information. We live in a time when there is so much vast and deep knowledge from the select individuals that have been studying this their whole lives. From that place the best we can do is listen to their summery and take that as the best information that they can offer at this time.
There will always be more to learn. That is why we are here. Never assume you are so smart that you have it all figured out.
That is because a vantage point slants perspective.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon goes into the talkative and curious sign of Gemini. You will want to explore things that stimulate your mind and help you reach out and connect in a way that is satisfying. You feel more logical and reasonable. This may be short lived but I will take all I can get in this chaotic time.
I wish for this moment to open us to the wonder of diversity, embracing the fabulous variety in our world, and allowing our curiosity to explore new ways to believe and understand in this reality.

Some may feel scattered under this aspect but there are new expressions and ideas coming forward.
Under this astrology don’t believe anything that is coming out of politicians for the next few weeks.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Any vantage point
slants perspective.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I would love for humanity to simply embrace that each of us alive on this gorgeous planet are a work in progress. We are here to change our mind, expand our heart, learn to love the things that we judge, care for those that need the most help, contribute to our society in ways that are innovative, environmental, and progressive. We are here to learn and work towards making a better world.

To me it is as simple as that.

You cannot make a better world if you turn a blind eye to suffering.
You cannot make a better world if you will not change.
You cannot make a better world if you refuse to learn.
You cannot make a better world if you judge others.
You cannot make a better world if you will not help those in need.
If you live and breathe in this world and do not do anything to improve this world or the lives in this world … then what are you doing here?
As the Buddhist’s say, “Getting a very precious human life is rare and nothing to squander. If you do not appreciate and help when you are in a powerful position of having a human life … then the next life for you will drop you back down into the lower levels of life. Back down into the domains of Dukkha (or suffering).

In Buddhism, “Suffering does not necessarily mean grave physical pain, but rather the mental suffering we undergo when our tendency to hold onto pleasure (or our old reality) encounters the fleeting nature and real life. From there it turns our experiences into something unsatisfying and we become ungovernable.”

Once a soul understands that most knowing is impermanent, ungraspable, and not really knowable. Only then do we realize that what we believe we see; we are not really able to completely perceive. We think that we know (but in reality) we cannot truly know.
Because we live in the basic human reality, we are actually living in the gap between reality and our experiences of basic anxiety and frustration that cloud our perception.
The word, “Dukkha” in Buddhism has many complex meanings in English:
faint unsettledness




















While the first kind of suffering everyone thinks of … is physical. It is really the emotional suffering that usually gets people down in ways that they seem to not be able to find their way out of.
Especially now in this moment in history I want to point this out because it is also the emotional suffering that arises when you become frustrated that things don’t go your way, or upset about life’s injustices, or worried about money or meeting others’ expectations. This type of suffering is caused by the fact that life is constantly changing.
Doesn’t it often seem as though the moment you have found happiness in life, it disappears almost at once?
… In truth, no moment is reliable because the next moment is always coming along fast on its heels. Our reality is like a constant bombardment of change undermining every state of perceived happiness.
The mind never finds a place to sit back and enjoy life without fear…
Furthermore, every day, even during these pleasant moments, do you experience an underlying sense of unease about the future?
This worry and anxiety is a manifestation of the third type of suffering the Buddha identified. He believed that life’s inherent dissatisfaction is due to the nature of life’s intrinsic instability.

Dukkha is produced not by things themselves or by their insubstantial nature. Rather, our mind has been conditioned by ignorance into thinking that eternal happiness can be obtained through things that are ephemeral and transient.” By Traleg Kaybgon Rinpoche
Suffering is a signal that we are not paying attention to something in the reality.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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