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Numerology/Astrology for 10/6/21

10/6/21 is the number = 3

Add the 1 + 0 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 12. 1 + 3 = 3.
The Number 3 is the number of seeing things from the positive. Learning to laugh at the insanity of life is a process that is helpful as a skill. Today, do your best to be that person that others find is easy to be around. Keeping a light heart is something that is so good for all of us in this world right now.

No matter how bad anything seems it is only a blink in the eye of life. Things always get better eventually. Those that believe things are possible know that many things take a tremendous amount of energy. And each of us will also experience those moments when things do not go as planned or as we dreamed. But if one looks at the intention and the impact things have on a few, then perhaps it was part of some karmic agreement of healing and completion.

I learned a long time ago, that if I feel compelled to do something … that is always karma.
And I embrace that moment to do what seems important to me at the time. And even if that outcome is not as grand as I thought, I look to the impact it did have and whose lives were changed by it.

Then I know that for some reason, I was given the task to impact those people. It was my assignment.
The personal outcome was not important but the larger impact on another or others was.
This is the greatest power of the number 3. To understand that our attitude and actions can positively impact another and will help them to embrace that moment.

After all, some moments are not for our ego gratification but for the balancing of the karmic spreadsheet from other lives.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The New Moon is in Libra, and it asks us to look at what it will take to re-balance things on a personal and emotional level.
Notice those in our life that are our partners, teammates, and friends as we journey into the greatest mystery, life.

Things are changing and we can all feel them with the shifts of wind and the cooling of the air.

It is time to notice those things that are so valued and special at this time.

We all are seeking peaceful co-existence.

We are all seeking creative and meaningful expression in our lives.

We are all seeking to balance the important relationships in our life with our dreams and desires.

The journey to find oneself is fraught with toil, effort, and conflict.

Just because life has conflict does not mean that this life is not a fabulous time to experience.

Hardships come to everyone. Mishaps happen. Mistakes are a part of learning, discernment, and growth.

There are conflicts right now that seem hard to swallow. Moving forward seems fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles in front of us.
There is only forward. Going backwards is not possible. The path behind us is closed and blocked.
So, it is up to us to scramble over the boulders and find a way to have peace in the effort. The pathway is one of surrender and acceptance that the journey into this future is one that will have a high cost and a heavy toll.

And yet, the rewards for those who put forth the effort is no different than those pioneers that set out across the plains in American to find their fame and fortune in an unknown land.

Risk has a cost, and that cost is high. But it is also something that is part of the human spirit and makeup.

The restlessness within us is stirring. A desire for change is being argued within. And that argument is compelling.

Fear only stops us temporarily.

We will have many moments ahead that will make us have to recalibrate our path, intentions, dreams, and goals.

Venus and Mars will semi-square and that continues to make things more tense and challenging.

Know that many approaches will be tried, and many will fail. But some will miraculously make it through the gauntlet ahead.

Pluto is getting ready to turn forward and with that comes that sense that we need to take action. Pluto’s mood is intense, demanding, and insistent.

Many things are going to be thrust upon us shortly. There is no sense in complaining or projecting blame. What is ahead is now on each of us personally. Those that sit on the fence will be left behind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


There is a wall just ahead.

One that many avoid and dread.

It is the wall built by your resistance to change.

It is the wall you fear when the mind plays a game.

It is just an obstacle that tries to halt.

All the goals and dreams you have in a vault.

That vault is holding your potential and light.

That vault has a key that is your birthright.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I think if you listen closely, you can hear the turn of the seasons. The sky is darkening in longer waves, as night envelopes us in dreams and the mystery that is hidden within.

We are entering into the times where we thank and acknowledge our ancestors and those that have come before us.

The evenings begin to chill. There is a temptation to start gathering up wood for the fireplaces. And the pumpkins remind us that pies and cakes are in our near future.

It seems a surprise when we wake up later and later, even while it is still dark outside.
We talk to ourselves about that it can’t possibly be 6:30 am and roll over again to drift back into slumber.

Life starts to calm down as the Autumn takes over our psyche.

The mice are seeking warmth and manage to find their way into our homes through small holes that only they know about.
The birds begin those long journeys to wherever they go as the seasons change.
The sunsets begin to peak around the big trees as the trajectory of the light moves in a southern direction.

And as I stand each night with my husband in the ritual of watching the sunset in the sky, I have a chance to reflect on the many gifts of this year and the many beautiful things that have allowed me to still be here in this time and place.

We are in the season of reflection and gratitude.

We are in the time where we can reap what we have sewn.

We are in the time of enjoying the warmth and care from those we love.

We are in the time of baking, knitting, and crafts.

It is a beautiful season, Autumn.
Enjoy this one fully.
Learn to create rituals that bring us closer together. And perhaps we can all connect as we watch the sunset in the evening sky.

~Suzanne Wagner~

  1. Lynds 7 months ago

    “After all, some moments are not for our ego gratification but for the balancing of the karmic spreadsheet from other lives.”
    I need to meditate on this one for a few weeks lol.
    I’ve done it before… Looks like I’m doing it again!😉

    • Lynds 7 months ago

      The quote above: is the quote of my decade. Wow.

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