October 7, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 10/8/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/8/15

October 8th is the number 8. The number 8 is all about grief and loss and yesterday I found out that my teacher and friend Steve Carter was murdered in Marin while walking on a hike. His wife Lokita had just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and had come back from Costa Rica (where they had retired) to get treatment. I am in shock and grieving about the senseless loss of such a wonderful loving, kind, man for no particular reason. I will speak about it more below. Venus enters Virgo today, after spending a longer time than usual in the sign of Leo, and will transit the sign until November 8. Venus entered Virgo in July, but never made it past the first degree of the sign before retrograding and moving back into Leo. This is a time when we express our love through practical means and gestures–running errands, doing detail work, or just “being there” for others. Virgo is an Earth sign, which is sensual but also quite practical. We could easily feel guilty if we are too self-indulgent during this cycle. We can be a little shy and prone to worry. We pick up on many different cues, attempting to analyze every detail of others’ reactions and responses. In the process, we can miss out on the bigger and perhaps more meaningful cues. As well, Virgo is a sign that can live very much in the mind in the middle of an experience, failing to enjoy the moment. Self-consciousness can get in the way of enjoyment. Rendering services to others can fill a need, and can be an expression of love. What we decide to buy and the types of entertainment we enjoy during this cycle is ruled by whether or not things make sense. The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 3:51 PM, when it enters Virgo, and then aligns with Venus.
~Suzanne Wagner~



When we share and treat everyone with dignity, we reveal the peace of the Creator that is a part of us.

~Karen Berg~



Steve and Lokita Carter had been teachers in the Skydancing Tantra Lineage which myself and my husband had participated in workshops with them for years. Steve was a kind and gentle spirited man with a heart that would love and touch all. Lokita had worked with Osho in the old days and together they were an amazing team of compassionate truth and love. I am deeply shocked and saddened by the senseless murder of Steve who was totally devoted to his wonderful wife Lokita with such grace and commitment. They taught how they lived, authentically and with such honestly about love, passion, life, and conflict. I will never forget will forget getting to witness them resolving a conflict in a class. I will never forget the power and passion of Lokita and how gracefully Steve allowed the full flow of emotions from his wife to flow and listened with full presence never collapsing and never loosing touch with his masculine. And him admitting at the end of her argument that she was right and that they would do what she wanted. It takes a powerful man to admit when he is wrong in front of a large group of people. It takes great love for a man to feel the full force of feminine rage hit him and not loose his center and masculine core. Steve was a remarkable man of great love and I am sure his is on the other side watching with such tenderness with all the love and appreciation coming his way. May I be so heart centered in this lifetime. And may his memory serve as an inspiration to others for eternity. Rest in peace Steve. I will see you in another time and place.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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