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Numerology/Astrology for 10/9/20

10/9/20 is the number 5.
If you add the 1 + 0 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 14. 1 + 4 = 5.

Keep both feet firmly on the ground. That is what the number 5 is all about. Being on earth, being a part of this earth, and being connected to all the life here is the focus for today.
It is your roots that allow you to stay grounded. It is your roots that allow you to grow.
The things that keep us stable, secure, grounded are often never seen and therefore not appreciated.
If you are a tree, your roots grow massively before the part of the tree above the ground explodes in flowers and greenery. But all that work is going on below ground and you often cannot see it.
If you are a ship, it is the anchor that keeps you stable in a storm. And it too, is under the water and not seen.
Grounding is different than “faith” because faith is a concept, a principle, a belief and it does not have to be real or grounded in truth.
In my garden this year I had one plant that seemed green and lush but it just never grew. For two months is stayed exactly the same. I am one of those people that I hate to kill anything and so I kept giving it good fertilizer thinking that it would eventually pick up.
But it never did.
My husband is an organic gardener from his 20’s and he finally convinced me to just pull it up and put in another one.
Which I did.

When I pulled this plant up, it literally had no root ball. The only reason it was alive was because I had been babying it and giving it so much support. But it did not have the ability to thrive.
I now look at people that way. Some look okay on the outside but they just never really grow and somehow they just don’t know how to thrive.
And the reasons are the same. They have no good grounding. They have no roots that will help them. And while they can survive by being coddled they really do not have the grounding or the fire that allows them to be strong inside, to take those risks, and to push ahead when it becomes necessary to grow.
When you are grounded and in alignment with your core that gives you stability for your life. From that place you will always feel secure and calm even under stress.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


There is a Mars-Pluto square today and the last few days you might have felt like you were preparing for something. We had this aspect on August 12th but now it is recurring because of the Mars Retrograde. There will be one more after this on December 23rd. That will make you feel as if things have come to a conclusion and a finality. That alone will feel like a great relief.
While you may want to have some sort of control over events and circumstances in your life. Assume instead that nothing will move smoothly. Frustration is going to be expected. Stay calm! You cannot fix the stresses of others nor can you reason with someone “losing it” in a moment of reactiveness.
Yes, it will feel like some old patterns are returning. Yes, there will be arguments and power games. No you will not have control over the experiences or expressions of others.
The intensity moving forward will bring with it NO satisfaction. It may seem that bullies are everywhere. That is not completely true. What is happening is many are at the end of their ropes and cannot take one more upset. Conflicts are a way to dredge up the sludge of our emotional past that is not yet healed.

Look at those in conflict with great compassion and kindness. Those angry are suffering more and in more conflict than they want to appear.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Your sharp edges are
not your strength.
Your softness and fluid
curves are your true power.
It takes great courage
to stay open hearted and
soft in such a cruel world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Your judgement is a hyena
screaming in the dark.
Your fear is the jackal
stealing the food from the lion.
Your hate is the rage of a
wounded bear determined
to take out anything
that gets in its way.

Your heart is what stops you
from causing more suffering
in a dense and difficult world.
Your compassion is what stops
you from retribution when you
feel into the soul of another
just trying to survive.
Your kindness is needed more
than ever in this time of hate.
It is soothing and calming to
those exhausted by the struggle.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Those with no core power will have great egos.
Such people have no intention of being kind or gentle. They are still at the stage of wanting to prove something in the external world. They will push, bluster, manipulate, lie, and provoke fear in order to have the false illusion of power.

Egos projecting outward are a sure sign of inexperience and insecurity.

Stay soft and kind. Do not let others harden your heart. Those with great power can also have great tenderness.
Compassion, kindness, and tenderness is a choice that is learned over time.

Real power does not move from a place of self-importance. Real power moves from authentic knowing and the ability to stay humble in the presence of adulation is a sign of greatness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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