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Numerology/Astrology for 1/10/18
1/10/18 is the number 4. What are the 4 corners upon which you have built your life? Mine are love, compassion, kindness and creativity. Some have different priorities and their corners might be, money, power, control, and passion. Each of us have created (by our instincts and choices) what the four foundations of our inner and outer house are. And we re-inforce those corners with our actions and deeds. There have been times that I have completely shifted the intention of certain corners and torn down the old house and creation that they built because I understood and knew that they were not really going to manifest happiness or contentment in my life. So, know that you can rearrange these places to make them reflect the new and evolving you also. Just as you are a creative force in your life, you do not have to live with one painting forever as a reflection of who you are. You can create many paintings that reflect the constantly changing energies that you are growing through. And don’t limit your resources to painting alone. Let this life be about dabbling in as many creative projects as you can. You will not know what works for you soul if you do not try out many things and many options. You are not limited but sometimes circumstances are. But again, the creative human spirit is really an unstoppable force. The only limitations are the ones you give it yourself. Earth is supposed to be that playground that you can explore and expand. Do not waste your chance. Let go and open. See what might be your next evolutionary step up and forward.
On Wednesday, mental Mercury moves into Capricorn for the rest of January. Structured thinking is supported, like an architect bringing an idea into form. Make a plan, work the plan. The Moon spends the day in Scorpio, and you may be inclined to look for and attempt to understand what people and circumstances might be hiding. You are fascinated with what others don’t want you to know. You might sense them just below the surface and want to go after them in a sort of directed fashion. The Moon’s harmony with Neptune this afternoon pulls out our more imaginative, compassionate side but also adds to that instinctive knowing. Today you will fee more confident in your intuition and your imagination is enhanced.

~Suzanne Wagner~



He tasted her mind
and realized
he had been starving.

~Poetry Language~






When you play with fire you have to remember that fire burns away all things eventually.  Fire is the reminder that life is a creative process through destruction. Only when things you have considered to be most sacred have their illusion and projection burned away, will you discover what is real, true, and aligned with the greater good. Beliefs limit the soul tremendously. What you think you know is holding you back from an unlimited potential that is aching to be expressed. Life is about having the willingness to burn your most sacred self to ashes and out of those ashes create something unknown. If you are unwilling to do that you will instead burn with regret at the lost opportunity that was gifted to you and because of fear left unopened and unused.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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