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Numerology/Astrology for 11/10/18


11/10/18 is the number 5. This number 5 reminds you that regardless of the projections of others, you are attractive, independent, free-spirited, and a passionately alive sexual being. Finding ways to allow that vitality out and to bring the most positive expressions of that into the world is the goal. Take some time to get out in the fall weather and go for a walk, roll in the leaves, enjoy the cool and crisp air. Now I know that in California they are having terrible smoke and fires so that might leave them out of this pattern for the moment but do things that wake your body back up. I know for myself I am so much like a bear that wants to go into my cave and sleep, rest, and curl up in a ball. I have to fight that instinct. As it gets dark early, I just want to go to bed and read a book. But it is important for health to keep moving. Life is movement. Life is pushing your body to become active. Use this energy to grasp and learn new things. Use it to explore places that you find restrictive. It is amazing how much in our society we have this energy of stagnation. That makes us tired and lacking vitality. But movement, exercise, and letting life shift us is what keeps the juices flowing. I read a story in a magazine that said based on our history as human beings, we actually cannot have enough exercise. That we are designed to move. Yes, rest is important but that so is movement. So today, find the freedom and energy that is released when you decide to move and put action into the equation.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Sagittarius and is there through almost 11 pm today. That makes for an optimistic and generous end of the week. Focus and prioritization are the intended ways to progress.

Relationship planets Venus and Mars are still feeling the love from yesterday, making Saturday pleasant but it shifts the energy to a more serious and practical tone as the day goes on. You will want to get outside and watch the stars as the Taurids meteor shower is peaking over the weekend. It is not a big one but why not make a few well-placed wishes.

Mercury and Venus are in a semi-square at midday. Do your best to not upset the apple cart. People are beyond being off the edge in stress. Be especially kind and nice. Be especially sensitive to others are do your best to not speak from insincerity or a lack of understanding. Best to keep quiet and listen instead. Feelings are raw are on the surface. Things said in jest will probably be taken the long way. Remember words can wound for lifetimes. Today’s words are particularly painful if the intention is to hurt or inflict suffering. You might feel distracted and that your mind is wandering all around the room. Do your best to keep a list and check it off as you go.

We are moving towards a Sun-Pluto Sextile making us reexamine our priorities. It is attempting to get us going so that we stop waiting for certainty and clarity. Because that is not coming any time soon. You must make choices based on your personal values and supporting this world. It is as simple as that.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Dogs remind us that:

“Play is the way!”

~Suzanne Wagner~



We cannot stop trying to take our country back.
I know that we are in a dark place and time where everything that has given us security and stability is being torn down and threatened.
But we cannot despair for too long.
Everyone will have moments when they need to take a break.
Everyone will need to turn the news off and reclaim the center that keeps you sane.
But we are in a fight unlike any other in the history of this country.
Because there are hateful people with a mind that is presently incapable of detecting the fraud that is happening on a national scale.
And they are just puppets being controlled and used by very powerful, very smart, and very evil people.
I know you expected more from our fellow countrymen and women, but not anymore.
We now see with horrifying clarity the brainwashing that some religions, news, and fearmongering television have done on such a wide scale that certain people have become incapable of understanding what is most obvious. They have listened and been told to believe in lies for so long at the expense of truth that they believe that their misplaced “faith” is what they are supposed to be doing.
And it is breaking down the safety that they believe they are trying to create.
You cannot create a world of safety when you force others to believe as you believe.
The desire to shove your beliefs down the throats of others is the most obvious example of how frightened those people have become to the change that is inevitable.
Yet, they have a tiny spark or awareness that their own illusion is crumbling.
And they have nothing else to stand on.
They are standing on quicksand and as they see the world evolve, they refuse to step out of their bubble of superiority because the reality is nothing that they even know how to deal with.

They have been out of touch for so long, that the leap that they will have to do it frightening.
And so, they hunker down into any beliefs that justify that they are okay and everyone else is not.
It is an indefensible position that is doomed to failure.
Such self-deception is standing on no foundation.

It topples from its own arrogance.
And yet, now….we wait.
We wait while they build their castle of illusion with no plan, on unstable ground, with hatred and fear in their heart, and without any forethought or planning.
Regardless of how much you try to warn them that what they are building will fall, human spiritual arrogance is headstrong and righteous in its indignation of all those who disagree.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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