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Numerology/Astrology for 11/10/20

11/10/20 is the number = 7

Add the 1 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and you will get the number 7.

Today, align with the image of being the brilliant mind of Ben Franklin. He is the archetype of the number 7. This is a number of strategy and planning, something that Ben Franklin was fabulous at and what we really need at this time.
Within us is a brilliant planner. We have the capacity to see patterns and then through our intelligence … design structures that will allow for the greatest growth in human consciousness … ever.
It takes awareness without attachment to see the present patterns and then construct other patterns that allow us to grow and move into our potential.

This is a number of self-discipline and healthy boundaries. We must have a line that allows us to say a clear and unified “No More!”
This could be that moment.
It is time to work towards a world that is able to use the mind to balance emotions.

We crave a world that has healthy structures so we can again feel solid and secure. While we are in the middle of a breakthrough at the moment, there will be a time when the next phase will require a lot of growth and commitment to a very new pattern that promotes understanding and compassion.
If we create a world where people are given the tools and education to find self-discipline …. I guarantee that they will acquire a sense of balance and strong self-worth. Then we will have a world full of people that want to take on responsibilities and to be a part of a global change that allows our world to thrive, then we will know that we have succeeded in a magnificent way.
This is what excites me. It is the time we are moving towards. Today is designed to be empowering because we are finding a passionate desire for the next level accountability.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues its sorting and organization while it is in Virgo. Virgo’s structure supports a feeling of sanity today. It is okay for us to pour ourselves into things that require detail and organization. Just remember that it takes many parts to make something whole. In fact, it will take all the parts. Now, we have to figure out where they go so they can be the most effective and flow with the highest vibration that is possible.

The Moon and Neptune oppose and so even though we may have the desire to get a lot done there is also a feeling to test our footing and balance.
Are we finally on solid ground?
It is as if we have been living on a boat being tossed and turned in an endless process where the chaos required us to adapt to what was happening. And now, we have finally stepped on solid ground and just that shift alone requires each of us to adapt to this new reality. And while the mind might want to embrace it … the body needs more time to adapt. Even though we might think we are on solid ground, we feel exhausted, queasy, and still a bit unsettled.

The Sun harmonizes with Jupiter and then Pluto. Remember to listen, cooperate, and be practical. It is time to heal, help, reconstruct and support a new order that is more predictable. We all desperately desire stability.

Mercury is moving forward and us with it. Feel into that motion and let it carry us organically into this new manifestation. Be a truth seeker. Look at what has been hidden below the surface. It is time to see the man behind the curtain.

Deeper conversations will naturally open and it is time to notice where we have been wrapped up in our own inner diologe. After all, obsessiveness never leads to joy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


In the halls of times gone past.
Evil lived but it did not last.
What lasts are the gifts given in joy and flow.
What lasts is the love given eternally in a rainbow.
Hearts can last beyond the limits of time.
Because love is always working overtime.
We cannot truly love if we only see.
The pomp and circumstance of the bourgeoisie.
Every castle is built upon the ruins of the past.
Life will forever be a merging of life’s contrast.
~Suzanne Wagner~




At this time in life, we need to refuse to feed the evil in the world.
While evil tried to force feed us. And too many got stuffed to the brim in the last four years, I intend to point out the goodness, the kind actions and the joys of positive change when there is conscious intention. If anyone sends out hate …. just refuse to take what is being offered. Because hate needs to feed on fear and anger. If we are not afraid and not angry at those that are still processing hate, their energy goes nowhere. If just falls to the ground because of its density. And then it will be absorbed back into the “Mother Earth”

I remember something a shaman said to me in Peru when he and I were dealing with a terribly angry and difficult client on that trip. She just could not stop complaining and had to be superior to everyone.

The shaman’s response was; “Some people hold their warrior on the inside … but some people prefer to hold their warrior on the outside! Those that need to express their power in behaviors of aggression and projection are actually very weak on the inside. Those that hold their power within, have learned the discipline to contain and cultivate power into an expression of goodness, compassion, and positive impact.”

No matter what…. No Matter What….NO MATTER WHAT … be kind!

~Suzanne Wagner~


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  1. Lynds 4 months ago

    Thank you thankyouthankyou! Great validation for today😊

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