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Numerology/Astrology for 1/11/17

1/11/17 is the number 4. The number 4 is all about balance and understanding. The key to balance in life is about having compassion for others who are outside of your established parameters of normal reality. There really is no “normal”. Normal to us is what we have experienced in life. But just because something is foreign to you does not mean it is bad or dangerous. Learning to live in peaceful harmony and cooperation with others is all about being open to accepting others “normal” and together exploring ways to work together and understand each other. We live in a world where shockingly as the Internet connects us all, there are those that fear what is outside their scope of experience. As humans we are still learning the art of understanding. Today, what can you do that will allow others to feel accepted and understood in your presence. Have compassion for those who are learning a whole new culture and way of being. Then learn to help rather than harm those that are different.

There is a Mars-Pluto sextile early into the day, and this may help you successfully focus on those goals that seem to keep getting put off. You feel much better equipped to take decisive action now. The Sun forms a sextile to Chiron this morning, and an opportunity may arise to feel a sense of mission or purpose and to solve problems by looking at things in a more holistic way. The Moon is in Cancer all day, moving towards the Full Moon in a few days. Make a note that your emotions are building towards something. The Sun reaches a square with Jupiter tonight, further increasing the tendency for drama, exaggeration, and the expression big feelings. While this influence can stimulate optimism and elevated moods, this state of mind is also somewhat fragile as that optimism may be overblown and unrealistic. In an effort to attach more meaning to your life, you might come up with new ideas and possible paths, but you could also overestimate your capabilities. You would do well to remind yourself that bigger isn’t necessarily better.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Normal people have no idea
How beautiful the shadow is.
There is a subtlety of color and light
when you linger at the edges of darkness.
Warriors are those who step out of the norm
And test the boundaries and barriers of a society.
Not because they want to
But because they cannot live in lies
It is the brave souls who stand for truth
That quietly shape the reality in which you find yourself.
It is often only by discomfort
That we awaken to the discontinuity
and change…….
~Suzanne Wagner~



It is shocking the level of distortion and dysfunctionality that exists in the world right now. For so many of those that have been holding the doorways of equality, love, and compassion for so long it is disheartening to realize how many angry and unconscious people exist in the world. To me it shows that you cannot give people your wisdom and knowing. All the most beautiful and perfectly conscious words have all been said, again and again. And regardless of how many centuries of amazing teachers speak from the same unified voice of love, humanity chooses again and again to create suffering and separation. When will humanity realize that it is us that create the suffering on this planet? God or the divine is not doing it to the degree that exists in life. Yes, there are cycles of life and death and there are animals and plants that live off of the dying of other things but that is not this object cruelty that is being inflicted on others who do not live or see the world as you do. It proves again and again why there are multiple lifetimes and the rules of karma. Obviously you do not learn until you inflict suffering on another and then have that suffering inflicted upon you. Perhaps we will never get rid of this dualistic reality. Perhaps the lesson is to recognize this planet for what it is. A game to move past fear and to become your authentic self regardless of the resistance that is presented in your life. Fear is not a lifestyle, though at the moment so many are caught in its sticky grip. The only doorway is to love and to open to truth. That truth is always universal and it is something beyond cultures or religion. Because when you get to the heart of all great teachings it is always about love. I am so sad that I see so much more pain being inflicted on this beautiful world before change can happen. I pray for an awakening to come. I pray for those with such huge anger to recognize that their denial of that anger and hatred is killing the beauty that exists right now.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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