October 31, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 11/1/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/1/18


11/1/18 is the number 5. You might have noticed that because of the month change, numerologically we have backed up. So, what are your boundaries? That is going the be the focus for the next year and a half. If it is not real, don’t fall for it! If it is not proven, don’t swallow that pill they are offering! If you cannot scientifically prove it and it is not based on facts, it is worthless in this coming expansion. This number is that reminder to “Get Grounded!” You cannot make a magnificent world just from the projection of your illusions or dreams. At some point you will have to do the hard work to make it happen. The physical world demands you “do” something. In the work is the healing you seek. In the work, you will find the sense of accomplishment and peace. In the work you purge the toxic rhetoric from your system. It is time to get your hands dirty. Put your blood, sweat, and tears into something that will be of use to yourself, your family and others. That will bring a sense of satisfaction.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

November starts out in a structured way because the Moon moves into the purifying energy of Virgo. You will want to tend to the practical tasks and accomplish those things on your lists.

We are in preparation for a shift from the deepest part of our soul this week. What is going to create this life from this point forward. How you express yourself is also shifting. Change is everywhere. What is clear is that we need to get to a better place.

Uranus is retrograding back into Aries next week.

We are ending so many cycles. Expect a wild and neurotic mess. We are getting rid of things. The metaphor in my mind is that we have been walking around with knives in our body. This shift next week gives an opportunity to take those knives out. But there is still a lot of healing to do and lives are still in danger in this transition.

Jupiter will leave Scorpio and go back into Sagittarius on the 6th of November and will form a trine to Chiron before it does. This is a subtle but uplifting influence that gives you an opportunity to free yourself from restriction and negativity. Perhaps we can learn from past experiences and mistakes.

This astrology brings the lesson that you cannot keep giving up your boundaries for an illusion. It is time to know before you choose.

Venus is still retrograde. It is in its home sign demanding balance. You have been trying to hold onto things that are not really working. You have to find a deal that really values yourself. At this point, why go into a negotiation when you are really not getting anything in that negotiation. You have to know that there is a give and take. Otherwise it is not worth your time or effort.

Today, the Moon opposes Mars around midday, “don’t poke the bear”. Best to walk away from those that are in conflict and angry. You may not feel in control so remember to breathe.
~Suzanne Wagner~


If your light angers someone,
that light has burned the demon
that lives inside them.
If your truth makes someone react,
you have poked at the lies they hold as beliefs.
If your kindness makes someone
project that you are dangerous,
you are doing something right.
Light is a danger to darkness.
Truth is a danger to lies.
Kindness is a danger to hate.
~Suzanne Wagner~



November Astrology Again

FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE, BLAST OFF! Yes it is going to be a busy month!

Now that I have stated the obvious, lets again look at it from an overview.  Uranus backs into Aries on Election Day the 6th, so this is the beginning of the end of a path that we have been on since the Japan earthquake in spring 2011. It will be an interesting Election Day because Uranus is the revolutionary and with the shift of this eccentric planet from Taurus back into the explosive energy of Aries, you should know that you need to “expect the unexpected.” This upset continues until March, so let go of that which you do not want to carry forward. Know that there will be those that will refuse to let go and expect violence to escalate.

Venus continues to be retrograde until the 16th, but it has moved from deeply emotional Scorpio into balancing Libra. Make nice in your relationships regardless of whether they are to go forward or be released. Also on the 16th, Mercury begins his retrograde cycle until December 6th. Patience, flexibility, and compassion are the ways you handle your Thanksgiving Day holiday plans. The USA holiday on the 22nd will be under a Gemini Full Moon, making for lots of talk. As if that is not enough, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th for the coming year. Get ready for an expansive adventure. And there is more: the spiritual destiny nodes leave their 1 1/2 year run through Aquarius and Leo, and move into Capricorn and Cancer November 6 to May 2020. Responsibilities and boundaries need to combine well with home, family and emotional security.

There are going to be new rules. Those new rules are going to be needed. Those new rules are going to create upset. Those new rules are going to be implemented so this type of insanity will not happen again. But resistance is the American nature. Rebellion even more. The power of the people is not over reworking our government. It will take 3 years at least, probably more. We are creating a new type of Government. One that works for the people. There will be those in power and status that are going to fight this with everything they have. And they have a lot.

Buckle up, buttercup! Here we go.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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