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Numerology/Astrology for 11/12/18


11/12/18 is the number 7. This number 7 is associated with Saturn. And astrologically, Saturn is partially what is doing the intense dance in this world reality at the moment. Saturn is an awakener. When Saturn came to earth, one of the things he did was to help the locals of Greece to rid themselves of their “barbaric” customs. He saw his job as one to bring in and adopt a more civic and moral lifestyle. During the festivals of Saturn, slaves were awarded a unique opportunity. They were given a limited amount of freedom. Master and slaves reversed roles. Slaves gave orders to the masters, and masters waited on slaves. We celebrate Saturn every Saturday. This day heralds the end of our work week. The Temples of Saturn were also the state treasury. This time we are in is on many levels being directed towards the lessons of Saturn. He reminds us that life requires times of intense hard work. And struggle is a part of living. He teaches that there are moments to get very real and grounded. He teaches that roles can get reversed on a dime. And he points out to beliefs that are outdated and “barbaric”. He is the god of the harvest and reminds us that “We reap what we sow”. A good life requires a well thought out plan and structure. A successful life is fraught with many failures before you achieve your goals. Saturn reminds us that there are those that cannot be satiated. He reminds us that time devours the seasons and gorges itself on the things of the past and that have past. He was enchanted by Jupiter and constrained in such a way that his insatiability would not get out of control. Saturn is the reminder that rules, laws, and order are necessary to maintain civilizations and cultures.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is in the serious and practical sign of Capricorn on Monday, so take responsibility for your choices and actions but look before you leap. While there is a deep desire for more order and structure, you might find that your reputation and objectives in long term goals might be in jeopardy. This Moon is sensible without being frivolous. Take a look at those goals and determine if they fit into the criteria for Capricornian success. Take a look at your reputation and see if what you stand for will stand the test of time.

The Moon is flowing with Neptune in a harmonious way today. And the Sun aligns with Pluto making moments practical and intuitive. Use that insight to gain ground in your own personal growth. Let insight become a doorway into the deeper aspects of yourself. Let those whom you trust that have constructive consciousness into the journey you are experiencing and know that none of us can do it alone.

The Sun is moving towards a semi-square to Saturn (which will be exact early tomorrow morning). You may notice a seriousness beginning to creep into your day. There are things in the world that continue to be highly troubling. No matter what you attempt to do to block the harsh reality from getting into your psyche, certain things are determined for you to notice and pay attention to. There is a big difference between, being aware and responding to those situations appropriately, and becoming super triggered and highly volatile in your reactiveness. The world is screaming for compassion. You will continue to be bombarded to get you to open your heart. If you will not willingly open your heart to the suffering of others, nature, and this planet then eventually the pressure will break that hard heart open. The choice is always yours.

Being unsympathetic is going to backfire on you. Holding back in a way that is vacuous and empty will also backfire on you. It is a day to refine your positions and beliefs, edit your words and how you express things, and notice where you have shut down from overwhelm.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You think that a wall as solid as
the earth separates civilization
from barbarism. I tell you the
division is a thread, a sheet of
glass. A touch here, a push
there, and you bring back
the reign of Saturn.
~John Buchan~



Far away, to an infinite world I
escape. I’m clear and calm, I’m
unafraid. Sunless days, in my
sheltered milkyway. In Saturn’s rings
I feel no pain.

~Paula Cole~

Paula Cole – Saturn Girl




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