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Numerology/Astrology for 11/13/19

11/13/19 is the number 9. I hope for the times when you feel filled to the brim with love and support. In each day, you have moments when you can feel complete. I love cooking for this reason. It is artistic, creative, life affirming, nurturing, and it has beginnings and endings. Nothing is better than feeling the satisfaction that others feel after a great meal. It is so primally important and essential for happiness, well-being, and comfort.

I have a saying, The way the angels got me to earth was that they said, ‘Go to earth! They have whales and dolphins. And the food is fabulous!’

So something simple is often how you can feel very complete. It is often such small things that touch others. I think everyone remembers their mother’s food. And your favorite thing that she cooks. It is that thing that lets you know you are home, safe, and complete.

One of my favorite movies was “Babette’s Feast”. A story of a woman whose husband was a chef in Paris and he suddenly died and she went home to Denmark to a very poor area where people struggled every day to survive. She happens to win money in a lottery and she spends the entire amount (an amount that should could have lived on easily and comfortably for the rest of her life) on making the people in the town a feast. A glorious Parisian feast. It takes her a week to prepare the meal and then she feeds everyone. And for the first time in their lives they are filled with love and comfort, flavors, wines, deserts, etc. And all the conflicts between people heal. Love overflows and for one brief moment in time, they are complete.

That is the power of a good home cooked meal and the opportunity to connect with friends from a place of authentic heart and expression.

Perhaps it is time to invite a few special people over and create a beautiful experience together. Plan one for the holidays. Invite someone over that might be alone and lonely. Share what you have with others. And find that the completion you seek might be in the satisfaction that others feel because of your love, care, and presence.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon remains in inquisitive Gemini helping you develop new levels of understanding and mental acuity. You want to communicate with others. You want to let your intuition inspire your new mental expansion.

Mercury sextiles Saturn. Diligence is required. Ambition is one thing but completing projects is quite another. Stay calm. Use what you have right now as tools to help you sort out the problems that are cropping up. Objectivity is that special something that will help you see past the obvious and into the answer that is often just beyond your present level of awareness. While things are difficult they are not impossible. There are promising things that can come out of your attempts to find a solution.

With the Sun sextile Pluto, you can get quite a bit done and accomplish more than you expected. It often helps to step back from a problem for a moment, take a break, and then let your intuition come up with some radical new way of seeing the situation.

Mercury trine Neptune. You notice more subtle things and your imagination takes flight. Let that kite take wing. The overview might answer a question that has been lingering in your mind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Know that because of the things
that you have done to and hidden
from yourself, you are the only one
that has the keys to those locked doors.
Therefore, you are the one that
must unlock them and walk through.

~Suzanne Wagner~



So far, all my baby, high altitude, coastal redwood trees have survived, except one. It seemed weaker than the others and I tried to keep an eye on it but it did not make it. But one out of 20 is pretty good. Especially since normally we have rain by now. Lots of rain. Therefore I have been watering them myself every few days. I think they like a bit of sun and a bit of shade throughout the day. The tree that did not make it was in direct sun. Perhaps that was just too much sun. This is how you learn. But regardless there are 19 new redwoods in a safe place to grow up over the next many years. I will not be alive to see them be giants but hopefully humanity will enjoy them. If not, then the birds and other animals of this forest.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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