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Numerology/Astrology for 11/14/17

11/14/17 is the number 8. Take a look at where you might have projected and misunderstood another’s intentions. What causes sorrow is when we do not notice another person’s process and instead make up a story about what our ego thinks might be going on. Rarely is what we make up inside our head what is really going on. Today, notice the stories that you are holding onto that might not actually be true. Then instead of holding onto that story, why not ask the person what really happened. You might just discover that an upset from your past is not even accurate to what their experience was.
The Moon spends the day in polite, accommodating Libra, and it is easier to choose harmony and balance. While this is a good influence for cooperation, a minor challenging aspect between Libran ruler, Venus, and Chiron suggests that there will be some discomfort on a social level. Blocks to intimacy are possible now as you want to focus on differences rather than similarities in your relationships. You might have a hard time learning from one another as a result. A Moon-Mars alignment tonight stirs up excitement, although it can also pull up anger for quick handling.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Life is about learning to balance
what your DNA has decided is your destiny
and what you soul
can modify, mold, and shape
this body’s clay into.

~Suzanne Wagner~




After my whirlwind trip to India, Nepal, India, California, drive to Utah for my friends’ funeral, and drive back to California, finally I am back home. I still feel a bit like I do not know where on the planet I actually am. I am sure it will take me a few days to really land and take an assessment of all that has transpired. What I am proud of is that this past 3 plus weeks the realization was that I really have learned to just be in the flow. To do what is next as it is presented. To not resist or go into my mind about the unfairness of life. Life is just life. Life is always about dealing with the next thing. When you have no resistance you just flow from one thing to another. I am finally in a place where I do not take the cosmic twists and turns of life personally. That is a wonderful place to be sitting patiently knowing completely that what is mine will come to me and what is not mine will gently pass by. Appreciate your life. Appreciate the magic and wonder and learn to not make up stories about what you believe is happening and just allow yourself to fully experience what is actually happening.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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