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Numerology/Astrology for 11/15/19

11/15/19 is the number 11. Today, it might be difficult to stay open. Notice those elements that want to make you doubt yourself and the universe. Always remember that when one door closes another opens. I believe that there is always a bigger plan in play. An alternate timeline if you can perceive the doorway when it presents and leap through. There are things that cannot be known, they can only be experienced. When you are set free from the old parameters of your life, you are no longer being controlled by habit or your past experiences. You are broken open to those new possibilities. No matter what, throughout life, you go through those periods of intense change. Those moments hit hard and hit in ways you were never expecting. That is how life forces you to adapt. Change is always about tempting fate. Fate is that dish that you were handed to eat in this lifetime. But there are moments when you have an opportunity to radically alter your projected timeline and karmic fate. Perhaps this is that moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon shifts out of talkative Gemini just before lunchtime and goes into the home conscious sign of Cancer. Security seems important and there are a lot of ideas running around but it seems that there is so much flux happening that you cannot completely land. While we want what is familiar it seems that once again, the new is being injected into the mix. For the next few weeks you will need to deal with the deeper emotions privately and keep things on the surface.

The familiar gives some sense to understanding and support.

The Moon opposes Jupiter as you a sleeping. Since most of you will not be awake, it may not matter but know that you don’t want to do things that put you in the direct line of the authorities. Relationships are strained and you may feel physically weaker.

The Moon trines Mars first thing in the morning. This will give you the courage and conviction to step up to this next series of challenges.

This is one of those days that things just feel a bit out of step and out of sync. Thank goodness that the planets are always in motion. Know that movement is happening but it may not seem fast enough.

~Suzanne Wagner~


There are things that cannot be known,
they can only be experienced.
Don’t be controlled by habit
or your past experiences.
Allow yourself to be broken open
to those new possibilities.
There are moments when you
have an opportunity to radically alter
your projected timeline and karmic fate.
Perhaps this is that moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~



What makes you feel proud for another?
For me, the answer to that is when a person takes a terrible hit.
And while collapsing is always an option, they instead choose to allow that change to overtake them and carry them on an unknown current into a future yet to be experienced.
Within every life there are unexpected twists and turns.
Choices are made (that you have no control over) that radically alter your reality.
Who makes those choices?
What cosmic source directs the growth and plants those new seeds for you to experience?
Perhaps we will never completely know while we are in this very limited form of expression.
But I believe that if we are open, we can sense something, just outside the obvious.
You can feel a force that is greater and more aware than yourself.
Everyone is going to have these moments in their life.
There will be many and some feel more shocking than others.
Regardless it is going to be about how you adapt in that moment.
Embrace all change.
Embrace the fullness of life.
No matter where it takes you.
You know not whether certain lessons and choices in this life are not cumulative and needed in another time loop or lifetime.
Some choices do not make sense at the time they are happening.
But later on, you suddenly see the reasoning behind the experience that you felt forced to have.
Embrace all things as important for your growth and evolution.
Embrace all change as essential for becoming who you really came to be.
Embrace all “appearances” of failures as critical steps that you will need and understand at another moment in time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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