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Numerology/Astrology for 11/17/17
11/17/17 is the number 20. The most positive side of the number 20 is when you use the discernment of the mind in ways that serve the greater good. It turns the negative mind of the number 2 into the potential of Universal Service. To really serve humanity you must know both good and evil. And you must make a conscious choice to find the balance that is the potential between. This number is also about looking at the wise use of time and to use the expansion of the perceptive qualities for a greater spiritual good. The world is in danger of making unbalanced decisions and it is important right now that we call our leaders to make wise choices and direct their power along more positive lines. When the darker side of this number is allowed to move unchecked it create continued quarrels and upsets. It exposes those who have a desperate need for security because of unhealed emotional trauma.
Mercury favorably aspects Mars today, and you will notice a type of alertness and desire to observe in a more objective way. Communications are energetic and enthusiasm for topics or projects runs high. Even so, this is a better time for going over the past than for making solid plans for the future. For one, a quincunx between the Sun and Uranus is somewhat hesitant. Surprise elements make you feel out of control in your life or the direction you know that you need to take. Expect plans to be disrupted and know that schedules are going to be changed. Life intends to throw you off center a little more than usual. The Moon spends the full day in Scorpio and is Balsamic, as a New Moon will occur tomorrow afternoon in the sign. This is a time for winding down, pruning, letting go, reducing, and reflecting rather than beginning anew. Don’t feel bad that you might feel in the dark now.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Don’t worry if people think
you’re crazy. You are crazy.
You have that kind of intoxicating
insanity that lets other people dream
outside of the lines and become
who they’re destined to be.

~Jennifer Elisabeth~




Karma is about the hook.
Completion is about unhooking.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When you walk into karma you will always notice some sort of hook. Those hooks can be attraction, desire, mental stories of forever going off in your head, projections that you have about that person, etc. But rarely are any of those true. Those are hooks that are indicators that you have some unresolved issues to be dealt with. In fact, I have learned this lesson so strong that when someone throws attraction at me and a projection that they are my soul mate or twin ray, not only do I stop but I actually back up out of the energy because I have no need to step into their karma and potentially get caught up in a trap of suffering and projection. I have enough of my own to deal with, thank you very much. Instead, I breathe and become objective. I step out of the energy pattern that wants to hook me and I hold that position just outside the edge so I can freely move and navigate. And I wait. What I am waiting for is to see the shadow that is lurking in the shadows. And shadow can hide very well. Sometimes you have to wait a long time to really see the full shadow. And I don’t move until I really can see and understand that person’s shadow.
Attachments are always about unresolved karma, suffering, pain, and fear patterns. Every person has 3 wounds, abandonment, betrayal, and shame. Each of us identifies perhaps with one or more of them and we have assembled our reality around avoiding that feeling or wound and that is where the hooking comes in so that you have a form of attachment that validates your illusion and thus helps you avoid the deep inner work that you actually need to do. When you hook someone, you are attempting to create a buffer that supports you in reinforcing the illusion that you are okay. But in that projection, you never are really seeing the person deep down. In fact, what you attempt to hook is the very thing or person that will trigger the wound even more deeply.
That is karma walking in the door. It is your shadow that calls it out and attracts it to you.
Completion of karma is about feeling no longer hooked by the person, the story, the projection of an outcome that you never got. Often that happens when you can finally see the shadow and from that identification you have to take a look at what and where that lesson is within yourself. When you own that you might have your own karmic lesson or karmic debt to navigate and you do that consciously without the reactive primal brain mucking with the discernment of the higher functioning brain, then you have the doorway to completion.
Attraction is the indicator that you have something to work on.
Completion is when you feel neutral and you have owned the lessons and have been willing to really look and understand the core mechanism that is asking to be healed.
There is a freedom when you are unhooked. It can happen quite suddenly in one rush of awareness or it can be chipped away at bit by bit. But there is a moment when you will realize that you have learned what you needed to learn and this relationship is complete for now (always leaving the option that other lessons can come in later). There is a freedom feeling and an energy increase when you are not taking on other projections (thus their karma) and you are not wasting energy projecting onto them (your own karma).
Today, notice hooking on all levels. Where do you feel compelled or obligated? When you are not free and at choice you are in the karmic loop.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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