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Numerology/Astrology for 11/17/18

11/17/18 is the number 3. The number 3 reminds us that there is always someone to make you smile in a day. There is always space to express joy regardless of external circumstances. If you continue to let your heart lead the way, you will continue to grow and open to the possibilities. Life is a dance of learning how to be the hollow bamboo and move with the winds without attachment and to have the wide-eyed wonder of a child watching life unfold before it. When you see the world as a new unfoldment of possibilities, you can be brave without being confrontational. Let your life become an outpouring of energy, creativity, and exploration. When the negative side of this number takes over you will have trouble concentrating and you will tend to feel scattered and not unified in your flow. That is when accidents can happen. So, pay attention to what you are doing and do your best to not rush. When your body, soul, and spirit are aligned then regardless of external events you can find peace and acceptance.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Aggression seems to astrologically continue to build but you need to become more and more aware of your surroundings. Be alert to drivers that are stressed, in a hurry, or distracted. Defensive driving is the way to go.

The Moon is still in the emotionally expressive place of Pisces and that encourages you to find that compassionate side and explore your creative places that allow for the mind to calm down and find joy.

Let the boundaries dissolve and let go of needing to make firm decisions right now. Everything is too much in flux and so what ever you think you know you will not know later. Avoid confrontations with others because the ground upon which you are basing your reality is actually quicksand. Your decisions are not easy and so step back from making some grandiose commitments at this time. Do your best to follow the flow of your intuition.

Expect the ongoing difficulties of relating to others to continue. Do your best to remember that each person is on their own journey karmically and towards awakening. You cannot walk another’s path for them. No one can clear another person’s karmic journey. It is up to each of us to follow the path that is laid out for us to grow. The hardest thing to keep in mind is that you must learn to treat others as equals. Regardless of whether you have judgment upon them or not. You cannot manipulate your way into heaven. But you can resist the temptations that pull you into a self-imposed hell. It will be hard to trust others right now with the Sun in opposition to Juno. Jealousy is also a factor that rears its head. Disagreements will tend to be about not respecting another. It will be difficult to concede that perhaps you have a trigger and that trigger is a lack of a coping skill that needs to be learned. Everything in life is about learning to come to a balance and compromise with others to find a path that works for the greater good.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You cannot manipulate
your way into heaven.
But you can resist the
temptations that pull
you into a self-imposed hell.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Let the love find a way through the dark.
Let the compassion expand contracted hearts.
May light find the way into the cracks.
May truth expand the existing facts.
How can humanity choose what is right?
How can those with power continue a hopeless fight?
I know that we are better than this.
I know all conflict ends with a hug and a kiss.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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