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Numerology/Astrology for 11/17/19

11/17/19 is the number 4. The world continues to struggle to find a balance that works for the majority. What is obvious are the imbalances rather than the harmony. It is an unfortunate sign of the times. Each person is seeking what will allow them to manifest from a place of organic alignment. But there are so many things that keep pointing out that even when you are doing the small things (such as choosing products that do not harm the planet), there are still so many huge problems that it can feel discouraging. You can only do what you can do. Read labels. Do not choose anything with palm oil. Do not choose anything that toxifies this beautiful world. It is not a quick fix but over time and if everyone does their fair share, things will eventually change. That potential moment is what gives me hope.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Cancer brings out the side of us that wants to feel and find that connection with others. But it opposes Pluto. That combination causes the opposite. Meaning discomfort and a lack of restraint. It makes you susceptible to stress related illnesses.

The Sun trines the Moon. And while that wants to create happiness and connection. The previous aspect will make what is dysfunctional even more obvious.

The Moon square Mars makes the quarrels act out rather than just stay in your mind. Troubles are everywhere. And people are passionate about wastage and those that care not for others.

At almost 4 pm the Moon will go into Leo. This gives more confidence and make things even more dramatic than they have been.

The Moon squares Uranus, making bad tempers even more of a problem. You may change your mood on a dime but that could also make more problems. Such an aspect can lead to others. Best to keep this aspect in check because to let it run, can lead to tragic and dramatic consequences.

The astrology today makes companionship deeply needed and wanted. It is difficult to ask for what you need at times but you will find that people do care and want to give you the support you need. Be protective of those you love and know that family always should be able to have each other’s backs.

~Suzanne Wagner~


At what point do you
get tired of all the lies?
At what point do you
draw the line on
swallowing insanity?
At what point do you
choose to create a
world of balance?
At what point will you
put tremendous effort
into this world?
Not for yourself but for
your children’s children.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Many years ago, I danced a ballet to the music of “Rite of Spring”. The choreography was by an amazing woman, Helen Douglas. It took the story of life and humanity on this planet and showed that this world will always become afraid of all evolutionary steps in consciousness and awareness.
That the masses become afraid and threatened by anything, smarter, more creative, faster, more innovative, new, or original.
History shows us again and again, that any culture that moves past the social standards, becomes a threat to the old reality. And the response is often one that is violent and designed to destroy and break down the new and evolving systems.
It is such a counter-productive system.
Innovations that make life better, faster, smoother, and more generous are received with suspicion and something that needs to be destroyed. Humanity is afraid of big changes. Just because you do not know something or are unfamiliar with it does not mean that it is a direct threat to you or yours.
We need to teach that innovations are to be checked out and embraced. We need to not allow huge corporations to hide technologies that advance civilizations and energy systems. We need to find another way to handle situations when they change or become different.
I look out in the world and I see and experience that primal reptilian brain that continues to control so much of this world. It is as if humanity chooses again and again to fight, destroy, kill, and make conflicts over things that we need to learn to negotiate and handle in a much more civilized way.
And yet, time and again, humanity slides back into the muck and mayhem of its past fears and ancestral suspicions.
There is so much healing that needs to happen and I know that the only way is through education that starts at a young age. And an educational system that is uniform, fair, and gives opportunities for all. Without education and allowing experiences that support the evolution of minds into cognitive, discerning systems that are willing to grow, question, and learn; you end up with societies of wounded, frozen, child minds that will continue to react rather than respond.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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