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Numerology/Astrology for 11/18/19

11/18/19 is the number 5. The stress might have built up to the point that some serious exercise might be the ticket. There are moments when you just have to move and move a lot to get rid of that excess energy that might be adding to the anxiety. I personally, have to get it out of my body. That is why dance, exercise, and movement are so essential to maintaining sanity. I am just a nicer and more grounded person after I exercise. And diet is also so essential to a healthy well-being and minimizing stress. The problem is that each body requires something different. Now, at this age, my body needs very different things than I needed when I was younger. And that is with eating organically and healthfully for over 30 years. We change and as we change we need different things to help us along. If you just do not feel quite right. Go talk to a nutritionist or a Chinese Medicine Doctor. They often have ideas that just did not cross your screen. There are moments when you just don’t know what your body needs. That is when you need someone with more expertise than your own level of awareness.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Monday, warrior Mars moves into one of his two favorite signs, Scorpio, until January 3rd (the other favorite sign of Mars is Aries). This is excellent for working on your ambitions or doing detective-research work. Scorpio is really good at doing projects that it is intensely passionate about, but not so good at doing things it feels lukewarm about.

The Moon in Leo squares Mercury in Scorpio. Your spiritual gifts become clearer and all your choices should be seriously considered. deviate from the truth and there are those hard consequences to deal with. Know that difficulties are just going to be a part of the reality. Protect yourself and know that you are going to have to continue to adjust to the ever changing circumstances.

Mercury is semi-square to Jupiter today and while this intends an optimistic outlook, know that you are going to miss some details in the process of reaching so far for that distant star. Concentrate on the pieces that do not make sense.

You may want to jump into some sort of action but that is again premature and you do not have all the facts and probably cannot take the risk at this time.

Be determined, stand out in a crowd, and seek to find the special qualities in others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The monsters in your life .. are inside.
They are in places where you cannot hide.
They know where you live, they know your fear.
They cast doubts in places where they appear.
Those monsters were never under your bed.
But they were in places inside your head.
You can try to pretend that they are not there.
But they constantly seek out the places you care.
You are a monster. You are a saint.
You relax with one but with the other you faint.
Some monsters win and some will lose.
Some will try to accuse and abuse.
When you fight monsters, you will never win.
They look for places to break in.
I believe those monsters just need love.
They are the parts you have been intolerant of.
You have to love all that you are.
You have to see them as an Avatar.
They have power. They have might.
They want to be heard without a fight.
They are trying to show you what they know.
They show you the direction you refuse to go.
They wait for you in the densest fog.
They will not let you go, just like a faithful dog.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The powerful and wealthy don’t want to you think.
They want you to obey and be lazy
in the evaluation of your moral obligations.
After all, you don’t need a moral code to obey.
When you obey, you have the excuse
to justify your behavior and choices.
You don’t need to explain because now you can blame.
You did what you were told.
You did what was expected if you were a good patriot.
But a patriot is a person who vigorously supports
the laws and rules of their country and is prepared
to defend those laws against all enemies and detractors.
Today, we have people who believe they are patriots
but they are actually nationalists.
A nationalist is a person who is used by powerful people,
whose intentions are to inflame their patriotic feelings.
A nationalist wants to justify making their country
and themselves superior to others.
They condone and allow the abuse of powers
with the intention to harm their own people
to maintain a false sense of control.
A nationalist disrespects of the rules and laws
of other countries to maintain their idealistic belief
within a culture that is collapsing and failing.
The arrival of nationalistic beliefs and perceptions
is a sure sign that a culture, country and civilization is dying.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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