November 18, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/19/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/19/16

11/19/16 is the number 3. There is a dawning that the roller coaster you have gotten on is going to be more frightening and longer than you have anticipated. The upcoming ride of your life is bigger and more intense than you anticipated and as that realization comes in you know that you cannot go back and you cannot justify cognitively the actions you have taken other than from the standpoint that you got caught in a collective illusion and so now you will have to go with this reality show all the way through till its end. In the end you have no choice but to take responsibility for your actions with as much honesty and humility as possible. The Moon is in Leo all day, and while its opposition to Mars this morning can point to opposition and impatience, its trine to Mercury this evening encourages an easy flow of communication. It is my hope that this energy can assist in connecting people and minimizing the already overt conflicts that are happening out there. As much as this small aspect gently nudges us towards a better balance looking at things from the bigger picture I am afraid that we (as a country) are not yet done with this upset. There is a sextile occurring between Venus and Neptune, you are more imaginative and attuned to the worlds of beauty and romance and you tend to approach one another more gently. A “magical” time on a romantic and social level is possible now, as you are inclined to see spiritual dimensions of your relationships and to approach others with increased compassion. With strong Neptune energy today, you may have a hard time focusing long enough to really tackle a task, however. Neptune, the planet of illusion, is stationary direct tonight. Now and in the coming few weeks, many of the illusions you have been holding onto emerge, confusing situations become clearer, and your creativity soars, or at least, you are more inclined to apply your creativity in the real world. Instead of thinking of this period as a time of disillusionment, you can see it as a time of illumination, when you increasingly see the light and become clearer in the real world. You have more faith in your dreams and visions, in others, and in belief systems. You begin to seek inspiration from external sources. Today as the station occurs, there can be some mental fog. Neptune begins to move forward tomorrow and with that there will be a feeling of coming out of some illusion, delusion, or dream. You might feel like you wake up to the harsh reality staring you in the face in quite a dramatic way, like you somehow got drunk and woke up with someone you don’t know in bed with you and you can’t understand how you got here or what happened. It is a time of buyer’s remorse in a big way. Know that you are coming into awareness of the consequences of your actions is often very painful.
~Suzanne Wagner~



What manifests right now
is an enduring reflection
of the parts of your shadow
that you have not been
willing to acknowledge.
It is painful to witness
how dark that inner darkness actually is.
But that is what is needed
for healing and merging to happen
so that the negative forces
can be transformed into wisdom.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Being in observance and moving from conscious appropriate action for the protection and safety of all Americans is what is going to be the most important and essential skill as we move forward as a country. There are human laws (created to make some people money and to give them power over others) and there are sacred laws that represent creating a world where all of humanity gets to feel safe, protected, and allowed to find their own doorways and pathways to a conscious awakening. As a part of this planet it is our obligation to protect the land, air, and oceans of this world. We as a people cannot continue to hide our head in the sand and pretend we do not see the destruction that is happening on a multitude of levels. Even if you do not have the courage to stand up publicly for what is right, human, and honorable you can write to congressmen, politicians, etc to have your ideas heard and known. It is time to flood the system with the dissent to the injustices of the world and for people to stand up to laws that do not serve the greater good of humanity and this planet. You do not need to do this in anger. You can do it from calling others to wakefulness and to awaken the deeper moral threads that I know exist in each person and exist beyond the ego’s projection and the mind’s rationalization.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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