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Numerology/Astrology for 11/19/19

11/19/19 is the number 6. It seems that learning the lesson of taking time for yourself is one of those things that is more and more essential right now. You need moments of silence and moments without interruption. You are trying to break away from overdoing and over-extending. That is hard to do when you have family. But learning how to take those precious moments just to regroup and have a moment to rejuvenate yourself are becoming more and more important. Seek to make your life and spiritual side to find balance with each other.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

While the Moon is still in joyful and heartfelt Leo. The big shift is that Mars goes into Scorpio while you are sleeping. This should be a huge relief on many levels because Mars in Libra has been exhausting and you had to make your energy count in the ways that really mattered and watch that you got enough sleep. Now with this much more energetic position, you finally have the energy you have wanted to make certain objectives and goals happen. It increases sex drive and the desire to conquer what is front of you without second guessing yourself. You feel more confident and certain. There are a few problems. Disloyalty will trigger you completely. Be careful to not overdo. But your bravery and daring is going to be strong. Know that you are not impervious to condemnation. And if that happens you have to watch that you are not vindictive.

The Moon trines Venus in Sagittarius, reminding you that emotions and reactiveness still dominates. Be adaptable. Do your best to avoid disputes.

The Moon trines Jupiter helps social engagement and material success. You can feel optimistic and attractive.

The Moon goes into pragmatic and structured Virgo at about 8 pm. Your awareness wants to understand and analyze your present circumstances. It is your responsibility to put things into focus.

The Moon in Virgo sextile Mars in Scorpio giving you some much needed courage to keep a clear mind and open perspective.

The surface of your life is needing to be explored. Specifically the positions of what we have repressed or did not understand. You just cannot seem to avoid important issues. It may seem that you are dealing with one crisis after another. While this is emotionally intense it is also transformative but potentially unsatisfying.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You do not need superpowers to be a hero.
Real heroes simply rise in a moment in time.
They are not graced with magical powers,
but they cannot sit back and not respond
to the suffering they see all around them.
Heroes are known for their integrity
and character, not their superpowers.
The real superpower is integrity and the
ability to respond to the suffering you see.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I have seen so many people who believed the lies that corporate executives and bosses gave them around the value of their stock (what a new company would be worth going public), the bonuses they would get if the project was completed, and the promises made to employees if they hit certain productivity marks. Only to have them all disappear on the whim of the bosses when they sold the company out from under the employees and the boss walked away with millions and left the workers in the dust.
All I can say is what happened to integrity? What happened to honoring your words and commitments to the employees? And I know that karma does come back around.
Clearly, we are in a time when you cannot trust or believe what corporations say or do. Clearly you have to look at everything being said with the eyes of suspicion.
We want to have faith in the leaders and innovators of the world. And while there are a few great ones, there are many more that are actually horrific.
I cannot tell you how many people, that I know personally, that were promised many things and they worked their “A**es” off only to be dumped in the soup and left with nothing of value after the owner/boss took his or her money and got out at just the right time but made clauses that employees could not sell for 2 plus years. And by that point the stock or company was not worth what was promised.
I recognize that these people know exactly what they are doing. And they are using people to get what they want and that they actually do not care for the feelings, effort, and security of others.
While I know that greed is the natural nature of man for millions of years. I had hoped that we could evolve past such tendencies and mature into the generous space of human potential. But clearly we are not there and there is a long way, yet to go.
But in such times in history, that so clearly show the sociopathic tendencies of some leaders, we can make an abrupt turn in consciousness.
And that is what I hope for in our world because this world can be one of potential and peace if everyone was given a chance to be educated in critical thinking.
That is the most important part because without that, humanity will continue to be manipulated and lied to by leaders and not recognized that they are being used for the personal gain of another.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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