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Numerology/Astrology for 11/21/20    


11/21/20 is the number = 9    

Add the 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and we get the number 9.
The Number 9 represents those moments when something must be relinquished and released. All things have their time in the sun and all things will eventually die away and be released. The process to achieve … takes a great effort and energy. But the process to let go is often much more difficult in the long run. That is because the ego gets attached to that thing that we put so much energy and effort into. Those things can feel like birthing a child. But they too must go their own way at a certain point.
We all must learn to release certain times and places, people and circumstance to their own karmic journey. While we may want to hang on to those past successes. The reality is that surrendering into this precious moment is equally important over time. Do not let ego stop us from finding that next thing. Do not let our ego define us because of only one moment in time. We have many levels of connection and compassion to give this world. Some may have been flashy, powerful, and fabulous. But others will be more subtle. Just remember that all things have value. Today, in this moment … put all effort and focus into letting something go and moving forward. None of us can ever go back. But we can make each moment very special and unique if we are not dragging our past with us into the future.
~Suzanne Wagner~    


Astrology Today    


Venus goes into Scorpio, and will be there until December 15th. This is time to dive into those deeper place and have more vulnerable emotional conversations. Notice that we are drawn to connect in ways that may or may not be possible.
Certain things may feel as if they are consuming our heart and soul if we are not careful. Notice where we are feeling exposed and vulnerable. Be aware if situations make us project that others seem to want more from us than we are willing to give. There is a vulnerability right now that is raw and right on the surface. Do what is necessary to handle things appropriately.  

The Sun is preparing to shift and move from Scorpio into Sagittarius. This transit lasts through December 21st (which also happens to be the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius at 0 degrees).
While the personal connection is important. Know that things may not move the way we expect.

We want to think and experience life from a new view and perspective. There is a bigger picture that can help make some sense out of all this craziness in the world. Recognize that expectations can create more suffering … rather than less. Be hopeful but be patient.  

The Moon will go into the emotional position of Pisces as everyone is going to sleep. Combining that with the quarter Moon and we may feel stress building up and the clashing and discord making us feel uncomfortable. Stay calm. Stay concerned. Know that most upset is often our past being projected into this moment.  

~Suzanne Wagner~    





Hate takes so much effort to keep in place.
One has to constantly be on alert to defend
against the object of that hate
as it might enter lives.
It makes one react to the smallest irritation.
Hate is a powerful shield.
Just like a porcupine’s quills.
It keeps everyone at bay and lets no one close.
Hate is a lonely way to live a precious life.  

~Suzanne Wagner~    






I get amazed at how long hate can linger and fester in the minds and egos of humanity.
I see it in my own family and I see it in our world.
Hate is insidious and feeds on the hurts of our past.
It constantly seeks validation for what it feels.
Hate does not want to let go even though the relief felt by forgiveness would be like dropping a heavy weight.
The level of hate held in families can be generational.
And I believe that those that are reading this might already know that they came into this world to break the dysfunctional chains of hate in the genetic lines of their families.
If we can see it and understand the roots of it, then perhaps we can begin to pull the weeds of hate out of our family gardens.  

~Suzanne Wagner~    


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