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Numerology/Astrology for 11/21/2021

11/21/21 is the number = 10

Add the 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 10

Today, the number 10 gives us the power and potential to start over again. This is the number of the warrior/king or queen. It is the number that gives us a determined stance and it shows us where we have to draw a line. It gives us courage and the willingness to try new things.

This number is always a turn. In this case, the turn might be a very hard one to do and somehow manage to control the vehicle without flipping it.
That is because we are still in the energy of the eclipse that happened a few days ago. And that eclipse lasted a long time, giving it more impact over our psyche.
This is a moment where we recognize that something big must be done to help heal the wounds that keep getting intentionally reinjured by those who celebrate chaos and the suffering of many in favor of a few.

The number 10 is the number of “eternal life.” We have 10 digits on our hands and feet. When we are scared, we hold up our hands (in an attempt) to show we are not dangerous and unarmed. That is supposed to be enough to save our lives.
But clearly not anymore.
There are too many people in the world that feel as if they do not have personal power, and instead they try to prove themselves with weaponry and violent acts.
It is a dangerous time to be alive in our world.

I call out to those that understand how to walk the path of peace. It is time that those who cause such horror to be taught another way, so that our world can heal rather than constantly be tore apart.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

The Moon lingers in Gemini supporting better communication and a social life. Later this evening it goes into the homey and family focused sign of Cancer.
Mercury will sextile Pluto and that will help us see under the layers of confusion and things intended to deceive. More and more the toxic patterns that linger in our deceptive history are illuminated.
A large part of humanity has not yet learned essential lessons and it paints a terrible picture of the state of minds in our world.
There will always be those that see the truth and those that avoid truth at all costs. The problem is that karma is a relentless dog and things follow people around for lifetimes and terrible consequences can arise when someone has forgotten their own past lives.
I know that we are looking deeply into many topics that have forever been pushed aside. And I know that what is on the surface is not what is always the truth.

Many will have very difficult ongoing conversations for a long time over recent events. Historians will look at this with the refined eyes of logic, distance, and discernment. And many papers, articles, and books will be written about this terrible moment in history. And the reflection will not be kind.
There is a distortion in the psychology that infects rational thought, and such a thing is very dangerous.

The Sun ends its journey in Scorpio today and moves into Sagittarius where it will stay until December 21st.
As we shift into the holiday spirit, intimate connection with others becomes the most important thing.

Expect some to get “fired up” with this Sagittarian energy. New ways of thinking are calling many things into question.

While recent events have dashed our expectations of a fair and noble country, we now need to look into the patterns of the past and radically alter how we proceed forward.

~Suzanne Wagner~


There is no justice in our country this day.

There is only the wail of too much dismay.
I know the paths that karma will find.

I know those involved are caught by another’s crime.

It matters not if they did the deed.

That jury will not find any peace as they bleed.
Such moments in time will haunt all the souls.

That engaged in a lie that was intentionally told.

I pity those souls now trapped in an endless loop.

Because evil won this day and initiated a coup.
If you fear to stand up for what is right.

You will end up taking much more than a life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


All one can do is be an example and a voice for change.

All one can do is repeat what is at the heart of human evolution.

All one can do is stand for something that matters and supports life.

All one can do is lend a compassionate hand to those in need.

In each moment, do we do, all we can?

In each breath, do we turn towards those suffering?

In each thought, will we stand united, to protect those being threatened?

In each second, will we speak up for those without a voice?

I am afraid the answers to those questions for so many is “No!”

While there will always be a few whose conscience is clearly directed by a higher force for good, too many are afraid to stand up for essential principles of moral character out of their own need to belong and the fear for their personal safety.

I feel so deeply for those that must carry the flag of truth in a world blind to the insidious consequences of hate.

My heart cries for those that cannot grieve because the justice system has become so corrupt.

My soul bleeds a little bit each time another falls under the feet of racism and greed.

May this world see the error of its ways.

Before we hit the final line and create the “end of days.”

~Suzanne Wagner~


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