November 21, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 11/22/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/22/19

11/22/19 is the number 9. Where does your spirit live? Where in your body does your essence reside? What anchors you to this place and time. I believe that we exist in many realities and overlapping dimensions simultaneously. Completion comes in many forms. One way is to recognize the complexity of life and how so many realities can interconnect at the same time. There is power if you open to the vastness of who you really are and find ways to tap into the wisdom and information that is available to you in each moment in time. Growth is the condition of existence. All things must continue to evolve, gather more wisdom, encounter more experiences, and seek to understand this massive reality in which we find ourselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Sun goes into Sagittarius and that will feel like a relief after all this Scorpio. There is a shift and your need to find those social and more intimate connections with others. Think past your own needs and look into a bigger reality. As we move into the holiday spirit of Sagittarius, there is a fire in your belly and you are needing to take steps to feel as if you are more aware of what is happening in your world. The way forward is one that will take great courage and innovating thinking. As you focus on the bigger picture you will find that your optimism returns and confidence that has been lacking comes back around. Be careful to not overdo your expectations. Yet, having hope is never a bad idea.

The Moon hangs out in the gracious and balance oriented sign of Libra. What sort of balance is needed in your life now. Be kind, be gracious. Do what you can to help others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Growth is the condition of existence.
All things must continue to evolve,
gather more wisdom, encounter
more experiences, and seek to
understand this massive reality
in which we find ourselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Reality Check. For those that want to continue to bury their heads in mental games of illusion and deception you may not want to read my blog today. Know that you were warned.

It has never been more obvious that there are many people who lose their lives protecting and defending our environment, freedoms in journalism, nature, our air, water, and oceans.
They are the rarely sung heroes in a battle between the big monopolies of power and greed that are fighting a war over the natural laws of nature and life. They have been being killed on a regular basis and rarely even noticed or even get press time. Because of social media and the explosion of the internet, some of those people are becoming known to us. And the regularity of them being killed right now it almost daily but definitely weekly. It is a horror that shocks me beyond imagination. While such things have probably gone on for centuries, the reality of them coming into our consciousness at this level of informed, factual, and integrated information is unprecedented. And armed with such information I believe that something must be done on a very wide and global level to stop such things from continuing in this world. Radical actions need to be taken on many levels to protect life in all its forms from being killed and potentially eradicated from this beautiful world.
Know this. Good people are not protected by their goodness, kind actions, faith, religion, beliefs, or any God. Bad things have happened to good people all the time and throughout history. But now that we actually know the level of murder and mayhem that is happening, it should feel completely intolerable to not do something.
It is time to put those in places of power and influence that cannot be corrupted by money, power, sex, and politics. If we cannot do this on a global scale and begin to interrupt the things that are tearing this world apart, then we have not earned the right to live in this world. At this point, everything we know is at stake. Corporations need to pay taxes and be put in check.
Everything in existence is at stake. Everything that we have held dear is at stake. Freedoms for all life are at stake.
It has gone beyond the personal. What each of you want or even believe is no longer relevant. We have to work together to save this world. If that is not motivation enough then watch as this reality comes apart at the seams.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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