November 22, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/23/15
November 23rd is the number 6. With this number you are being asked to reflect on who you have been, what has happened to you to create the beliefs you have at this moment, and to decide if you like who you have become. Ask yourself these questions, “Are you happier and more content because of the conclusions you have come to in your life? Are you more loving and open? Are you more willing to connect on a deep level with others?” If so then you are moving in a direction that will give you fulfillment and a more awakened awareness. Life creates situations to test your choices and decisions. It is really a simple equation. If your life creates an atmosphere of opening, love, understanding, and respect then you are on the right path. If you make choices that create separation, distortion, misery, or blame then you are clearly caught in the karma that has kept so much of humanity from creating a world where we recognize the paradise that is possible in this life. Today, actively choose to step higher and allow that awakened self to motivate your actions. The negative and dark energies are very seductive in pulling you into the despair of human suffering. Today, reflect, and tomorrow, make a choice to take action in some way. The Moon moves into stable, predictable Taurus at 11:26 AM EST. Taurean ruler, Venus, quincunxes Chiron and opposes Uranus today, however, bringing some instability. There could be feelings of discontent in relationships, or a difficult choice that needs to be made regarding personal relationships, money, or possessions. Insecurity involving others might make it awkward for you to express your affections naturally or flowingly. Sudden attractions that may not last can occur now. Similarly, impulsive attractions to material items that later prove to be unappealing can be part of the picture. This is not a good time to start a new relationship nor for any significant financial undertaking. Values and tastes may clash, and group activities may suffer as a result. However, if you can separate rebellion from a sincere need for change, you might open yourself up to new ways of dealing with others. Tonight, you move towards a Mars-Saturn sextile, and your ability to focus on priorities and to appreciate traditional, reliable methods increases.
~Suzanne Wagner~

True forgiveness is not a lack of discernment or the product of fuzzy thinking. In the words of A Course in Miracles, it is a “selective remembering”. We chose to remember the love we experienced, and let go of the rest as the illusion it actually was. This doesn’t make us more vulnerable to manipulation or exploitation; in fact, it makes us less so. For the mind that forgives is a mind that is closer to its true nature. The fact that I forgive you doesn’t mean you “won”. It doesn’t mean you “got away with something”. It simply means I’m free to go back to the light, reclaim my inner peace, and stay there.
~Marianne Williamson~

I want to take a look at the word “justification”. That is the word that is standing out to me the most right now around the chaos and news that is happening at the moment. I am fascinated at how quickly humanity can use the present external situations to justify some sort of deeply rooted bias they have within and then express that in an outward direction towards others. They now have a “Justified” reason to spew their internal prejudices in an outward direction. It is actually quite shocking to me as a person who has lived all over the world, in different countries and as a person who has chosen to learn about the cultures of others in an actual physical way rather than a person who has stayed in a small and isolated perspective with no reference points of truth. So much of humanity has this attitude that sounds like, “See, I was right. Those people are dangerous. I was trying to tell you that this is the apocalypse! My fear and mental insanity that I have been internally feeding and harboring is really out there in the world. I have been telling you that I was correct in spreading the fear, anger, and hatred that lives within me!” Okay, for a moment, lets get real. Life is full of scary, dangerous, unpredictable moments. Yes, there are very distorted people out there in the world with perceptions that threaten all of us at some point. But fearing an entire group based on a bias is ridiculous, uneducated, and just plain bigoted. It shocks me to see people of power reflecting that same bias. It shows that what people are attracted to is charisma not intelligence. They are attracted to someone who reflects their own bias so they can “justify” what they have decided is true. Life as never been that black and white. Life is full of subtle shades of energy and you cannot judge anyone based on any method of comparison that you have created by your life experience. People that do that are living in the past not in the present moment. Those types of people pull us backwards into the mistakes of history and do not allow us to move forward into a more conscious and unified world potential that is needed.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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