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Numerology/Astrology for 11/23/20

11/23/20 is the number = 11

Add the 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and we get the number 11.
The Number 11 expands us once again, beyond the known and into the unknown. The unknown does not have to be scary if it is a part of a dreaming potential that you are intending to reach for.

I often wonder why we are so scared to be our best self?

When we are authentically aligned with our core essence it should feel natural, organic, comfortable and easy to be in our own skin.
That restrictive feeling inside is a false self that is holding us back. It can be a self that others projected onto us and perhaps …. at one time …. we even invited or wanted.
But over and over again, I find that even the projection that had the best intention is still not who we really are. And eventually we have to find the courage to reach beyond all projections, agendas, and reflections of our own ego mind.
When we allow what is so beautiful and magnificent to evolve naturally and emerge in its own time, then what flowers is stunning, enlivening, and aligned with our own perfect moment.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today is a day that might end up feeling more intense than we intended.
Just be prepared for that.
There may be no exact way through it all but if we are willing to move around the obstacles calmly … we will still make headway.

Venus is in a minor square to Neptune and a Mercury trine. This gives us a tendency to want to look at things through a colored lens. But that outcome may not be the best either.
It might be better if we just deal with the reality and not make anything into what it is not.

Our intuition seems on the surface and it seems that we can sense what another needs more easily. As we come into the holidays, feeling into what others need could be very helpful.

Listen to those hunches and don’t try to analyze them. Rather just let ourselves discover and follow what is arising.

Neptune is in Pisces …  with the Moon also in Pisces puts feelings right on the surface. And then when they interact with Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter it can make us want to get away from the normal reality.
Perhaps it is time to just stop and let some energy drain away. We might be in the mood to spend some alone time and just get things in order. After all, the holidays are coming and there is nothing like feeling a clean and well organized home, even if we are the only ones there.

~Suzanne Wagner~


This holiday do a ritual
to include all the family
and ancestors that are dead
and on the other side.
Perhaps do a circle of gratitude.
Say, “What I love the most about you is.”

“What you have done that made the biggest impact in my life was.”
“And the Moment that I will always remember is!”

~Suzanne Wagner~




I finally decided to unpack my suitcases that were ready for us to “bug out” in case of a fire.
As I was doing that, I decided to sort, organize and get rid of things that are not really worth hanging onto.
It always feels refreshing to do that. Perhaps it is the Fung Shui of it all. There is a time and place to let go of things and this was one of them.
It is a great thing to do. I try to give things to the Senior Center store (which is like the Salvation Army Store or the Deseret Industries in Utah).

It is interesting how in cleaning things up I rediscover lost items and get the excitement of reclaiming things that have been missing in the chaos of life.
In this process I found my favorite necklace from Nepal. It is made of an old piece of Nepalese Turquoise and smooth from being worn for decades.
It is filled with the energy of those that previously wore this necklace and it feels so positive when I wear it. There are a few things in life that hold energy beyond this time and space.
This necklace is one of them.
I think of the women or men that wore it while meditating and praying and it gives me strength and joy.
Nepalese Turquoise is thought to bring protection. In fact children are often given turquoise at a young age to protect them and keep them from falling down.
It is considered to have spiritual powers, as well as, just being beautiful.
It is viewed as a “sky stone”, brought to earth from the heavens above. The Nepalese also believe that the stone should not be cut, as it alters the magic held within the stone. They believe that the stone is sort of a “mood stone”. Meaning that it takes on various colors when the owner’s health alters. Turquoise will get paler and paler as the person’s health fails and they eventually die. But that once a new owner takes ahold of the stone it will return to a full color and intensity.
They also believe it will turn pale if you are being attacked by evil.
It is a token of love by the Himalayan people. And the color will remain full as long as that love is strong.
May each of you find such a special object and enjoy the good energy that it has accumulated over time with it and add some of your own to pass down to another when you leave this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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