November 23, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/18

11/24/18 is the number 10. The number 10/1 reminds us that while we are individuals, we are also part of a larger group that is also our family, the human family. We are all connected in one way or another. In truth, there are no differences that really matter. We all feel the same emotions. We all want the same successes. We all want love and safety. And we are all connected to this earth that birthed us and sustains us. So, while finding yourself (the “I”) is important, right now feel into the fact that are a part of a much bigger oneness. That oneness that is about being a part of this beautiful world. You are a part of a community whether you like it or not. Whether you acknowledge it or not. Today, connect to the force of life that surrounds you. Recognize that you have an impact on that life as it circulates around you. And you can assist this world in small and powerful ways when you want to do that. It is not the big things that change minds but the small ones where you reach out your hand to help others that changed perceptions and shatters prejudice.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Neptune is stationary in the sky prepping to go direct after months of being retrograde. So, all those focus problems should sort themselves out in the next few days and your brain should feel back on track. Today, may be the last squirrely day for your brain. Be patient with yourself and others. Creativity is going to increase. So, Sunday will be the day to do all those Christmas decorations.

Neptune attempting to go direct gives a moment of illumination. As the light increases it pierces the darkness and you are able to see deeper in that abyss of your emotional body. Let your dreams and visions guide you to more understanding of self and others. Let it help you find the inspiration that has been sorely lacking for the last many months.

So many things are changing signs or changing direction that it can feel a bit disorienting. You are confident now that you can take some steps to make you feel more secure and safe. Taking care of your loved ones takes on a stronger and deeper meaning.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Never look down
on someone unless
you’re helping
them up.



I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to the holiday season. Find joy in all the small things and all those things that remind us of family and the bonds that hold us together in this world. This is the moment to recognize that we all need each other. We are stronger together. We are stronger when we let go of petty differences and fears. We are stronger when learn to share and keep an open heart for stepping beyond what we think and believe.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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