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Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/2021

11/24/21 is the number = 13

Add the 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 13. 1 + 3 = 4

Today, there is a dynamic restlessness as energy and love attempts to expand for this holiday season. There is a sense that we are being required to override ourselves in the desire to balance out subtle energy equations that are presently arising.
Remember, to start in a state of balance and peace before we engage. Meditation this morning is advised before we directly engage with others. There is no need to let old fears define you.
Old patterns were there to refine you instead.
Try to not get too many ideas going too fast. Tact is an advantage and patience are a soothing balm to the energetic engagements that are present in family gatherings.

Respect the boundaries of others and know that following through will get you to the places where you feel good about yourself and your life.

Today, is a day to come to peace with our past patterns. That is the best way to trust the decisions being asked of us now.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

The Moon hangs in the Cancerian sky giving us encouragement to be home and to become one with family.

It trines to Mars that that gets us into a mood to feel deeply and perhaps stretch a bit. Comfort is still the focus but there are more elements helping us to find inspiration while we question certain things more deeply.

The Sun and the South Node are picking at us to recognize that some things are no longer working and that is okay to seek beyond our old known reality to find a new place of clarity.

~Suzanne Wagner~


So much to do.
And it is not about the food.
So many things that call to us.
But can we stay open without any fuss?
Can we open and take all of this in?
Before others are slipping out of their skin?

I notice that the ancestors are more present this year.

I notice that they come with such tidings of good cheer.
They come to celebrate and remind us of former times.
They help us in many ways and are with us oftentimes.

What can we do to bring all the love into a greater glow?
How can we just relax and no longer need to show?

When we remember that we are enough right now.

We can rest and be a space for others to allow.

Then we can remember that so much is forever and remains.
And then it is easier to let go of the stresses and strains.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Whew! It is a great country that we live in. And driving through the long landscapes of northern California, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington state reminds me just how many of us come from rural roots.

As we passed through the magnificent farmlands of these places, with the old farmhouses that have been passed through generations and the old barns that are still standing even after harsh winters and torrential downpours, I realize the tenacity of the American Spirit and the determination of those brave ancestors that came across and started from scratch.

We are a hardy group. We are stubborn and willful. We needed to be to survive.

And while those characteristics saved us, they have also at times made us inflexible and rigid.

It is a choice to keep the best and to find out what else could make life more beautiful and integrated.

I believe if we could settle in the wilderness of this great land, we can also find a way to set aside our differences and come to a place where we celebrate those qualities that make us so amazing and allow those tendencies that others inadvertently cut themselves upon to perhaps soften and smooth over.

We are still a very young country. We are a young type of civilization. And we are needing to mature into something else that is unique and beautiful. I know that there are such precious and beautiful gems within each of us. But now we need to allow those with the tools and techniques to get to work so that the inner beauty and fire can be seen by others.
And for that, those that have the skills, need our permission. Otherwise, we will stay a diamond or ruby in the mud of unconsciousness.

And our beauty will have to wait for another day, another perfect moment, and another time when we are finally willing to allow something to unfold and open us to who we truly are.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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