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Numerology/Astrology for 11/27/2021

11/27/21 is the number = 16

Add the 1 + 1 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7.

This number 7 reminds us that there are many things left to do before this holiday season is over.
So, “make a list and check it twice.” I know that is a Christmas phrase, but it applies to the number 7’s desire to have a plan and then to try to stick to the plan. Pay attention to what is surfacing. It could be some very good things. It could be some cracks in the armor of old patterns that we may have thought would never shift.

But never is a long time and changes happen eventually to everyone in life. And here we are once again feeling those subtle energies that are obvious in the fact that they are not the normal patterns that have persisted for years.

We are all coming to the edge of many shifts in consciousness. This holiday season offers gifts that we can embrace with their refreshing newness and authentic desire to connect in more meaningful ways.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

The Moon in Virgo is something that brings desires into a helpful format. It allows us to see and analyze things with a calmer eye and a more open heart.

We are moving into the last Quarter Moon and it will square with the Virgo Moon early in the day, giving us a moment to think and allow in many new pieces of information and bring us into a space of permission rather than pushing.

We are building up to the Solar Eclipse on December 4th and it is a good moment to take a look at where we have come from and let the old baggage go, as we move towards a life pattern that brings new and very interesting revelations and how they need to bring us towards that next doorway that will require more skills and knowledge.

It is a perfect moment to enjoy the process of learning and growth and it will allow some peace as we feel skilled enough to help others with their personal journey also.
Jupiter and Pluto will semi-sextile and while we may not feel fully aligned with our intuitive self, we are trying to not judge, and the intention is to stop battling with those that hold strictly to ideals that are not assisting this world in the massive changes that are going to be required of all of us in the upcoming decade.

While certainty is a goal, it is not one that will be easy to find in a world where so much monumental shifts will continue to happen.

~Suzanne Wagner~


In family, we can open doors.

It seems useless to try to just settle scores.

We are here to open as far as we can.
We are here to remember that we are all clan.
This is not the time to dredge up the past.

Because what once was will never last.

What we feel deep in our heart.

Is where we can leap and get a jumpstart.

Tomorrow will come and what we need to know.

Is that what we cling to in the past we need to let go.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Such a lovely time with family this holiday season.

I think my family gets better and better as expectations are set aside and we just long to connect and share with those that have walked parts of our path with us in this life. There is a great joy from shared experiences and memories. There is such power in the exchange of most recent lessons, knowledge, and experiences.

We find the sharing more blissful and the excitement of finding paths that others have traveled inspirational.
I marvel at the musical talent that rides in my family and continues to be shared.

I am not surprised at how many of us have been attracted to mates that have strong musical and artistic tendencies.
It is clearly a trait that is passed down and at the core of the ways that our souls express joy and sorrow, magic and mystery.

Music and art are the bond that carries us through in times of stress.
It is our “go to” when we seek to understand.

It is our passions that seem to be able to be expressed in this way that are their own form of communication and sharing.
It shows the subtle nuances of our essence.

And it is a language that is shared from the home in our heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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