November 27, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 11/28/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/28/15
November 28th is the number 20. There is so much duality swimming around and many feel overwhelmed with that polarity in the news and in life. Keep your feet as firmly planted on the ground as possible. Yes, it is going to be a challenging next 6 weeks but you can do it. Pick your battles and let things go that really do not matter in the immediate future. This energy threatens to pull you under and you cannot let circumstances beyond your control pull you into places of mental and emotional chaos that disrupt the cultivation of inner peace, calm, and clarity. Yesterday, Mars began its aggressive square to Pluto where it will be until December 6th. Mars is activating you to physical move in some way. Uranus is the sudden volatility and spontaneous movement that is unpredictable and unstable. Pluto asks for a change at the very core of your being, one that brings to light the process of death and rebirth. I wish this holiday season was one of peaceful interaction but I am afraid it will be more the opposite of that. There is a pronounced T-Square agitating everyone and everything and I expect a collective upset triggered by acts of aggression throughout the world. The way through this is to seek a new spiritual approach or the willingness to concentrate again on your existing spiritual practices or paths. Venus aggravates the Saturn-Neptune square early today, and you could be moving between seeing what you wish to see in your relationships (or with money) and seeing the worst, and the truth likely lies in between. As you wrestle with what’s real and what’s an illusion, you could be feeling quite overwhelmed or dissatisfied. The Moon in sensitive Cancer forms squares to Mars and Uranus and an opposition to Pluto, furthering a theme of misunderstanding and/or self-protectiveness. You are particularly focused on family and domestic affairs, but should watch for latching on to illusions or impossible expectations with the Sun and Neptune approaching a square, exact tomorrow morning.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Change develops slowly. At its own pace. Even our perceptions are slowly coming into are more real and authentic view. They have currently been based on a past event that is no longer happening.. ..a fear, maybe, that is not real. Slowly though, this view is being seen for what is …like clouds that dissipate into a more clear day.. ..we begin to see. There is a silence that emerges ..we are finally understanding this …We are becoming who we have always been ..and it is so good. The distance between what we are and what we have allowed ourselves to believe is becoming shorter. We are not the past perceptions ..we are not those fears that have been with us all of these years. We are beautiful in our ways. Change moves at its on pace. For once we can feel who we are now and again.. is good. And we smile.



I am in Utah feeling the huge canyon winds of November 27th (as I do these blogs a day in advance). I can’t help but notice how nature tries to warn you of the energy shifts getting ready to happen. So pay attention to what nature is attempting to tell you. For me the winds of change are strong and they are tearing down old structures blocking the free flow of ideas. I feel into the protection that is coming with the changes so I know that regardless I am being protected in miraculous ways but that life as I know it is not going to be able to remain in the old places and energetic patterns. That is good. I know the universe is molding me into a perfect form for the spiritual awakening and intuitive awareness that is going to be required for my evolving future. Find the places you are shifting and moving into. Take the stance of willingness and things will move as gracefully as possible.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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