November 27, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 11/28/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/28/17
11/28/17 is the number 4. The continued lack of balance in daily life is getting to everyone. That should be no news to anyone at this point and there seems to be no end in clear sight. So, the new balance and middle ground has shifted completely out of the external creating some stability into having to own your own center and move from your personal clarity instead. One has to learn to move in conscious and constructive manners regardless of what the world is doing. And when the world appears to step beyond the bounds of the past social norms you have to hold those levels of right and wrong close to your heart and protect them to the best of your ability. We are in a time when personal laziness is a potential disaster waiting to happen. You have to stay on top of things. That is how you find the center in a storm. The constant shifting allows you to stay in the center of the storm, which is what you want to do. The storm outside in the world is getting more violent and you must find your own level of grounded movement forward.
Mercury and Saturn’s conjunction perfects early today, and things are getting in a more serious and no going back reality. The Moon continues its transit of Pisces until 11:31 AM EST, and its easygoing nature clashes with Mercury and Saturn this morning. From 11:31 AM forward, the Moon spends time in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. The Moon in Aries is more assertive and decisive than Pisces. It’s a fiery, sometimes impatient, and pioneering position of the Moon. You seek a fresh start now, and you are quick to let go of the past. A Mars-Neptune parallel helps you move with inspiration, imagination, and creativity.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Peace requires all of your heart.
Peace is the center of your soul.
Peace comes from doing all that you can,
To support love, life,
and the conscious confrontation
of what is.
You cannot find peace
when you are hiding from yourself.
You cannot find peace
when your mind is in denial.
You can never experience peace
when you actively harm others.
Many souls are tortured
by their lack of compassion
until they own the destruction

in their heart.
I pray for those souls
that suffer in silent denial.
I pray for those hearts
who cannot feel the depth
of compassion that is possible.
Because they are not living.
They are not existing.
They are puppets whose strings
are controlled by those
who do not have
their best interests at heart.
They are pawns in a game
that they do not see
and cannot understand.
~Suzanne Wagner~




I am grateful that I have come to a place that I do not need to prove my point. Each person has a journey that they are on that will guide them perfectly to their own awakening. I personally cannot stop those who wish to continue cycles of karmic suffering. It is always a personal choice and one that cannot be forced. It is an interesting place to sit and watch the total breakdown of societies morals, ethics, and values. The speed at which this destruction is happening is something to behold. When the kingpin of energy collapses the cascade response is immediate and total. Perhaps now, people will begin to realize the fragility of peace. The tenuousness that is how safety sits upon that razors edge. Ego’s believed that we were unbreakable. But nothing is forever. Everything has a life and a cycle. Rebirth always follows such terrible moments in history. When you are old and reflecting on this moment in your life, what will you say? How will you feel? What illusion was being reflected to you to heal? What did you not see within yourself that awoke and swallowed your reality? In the gift of time and distance, perhaps then we will be able to have the real conversation that needs to be happening now.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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