November 28, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 11/29/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/29/18

11/29/18 is the number 6. The number 6 to me is a very spiritually seeking number. It is a number of your conscience. It is a number where you step out of what you think you know and recognize that there is always more to the story. The spiritual journey never really stops. It never really ends. There is always more to explore internally and externally. And we can never really know the deep inner psyche of another. The best we can do is understand our own. When that happens, judgments go away, and you are left with a way to live open and in acceptance and flow with the universe. You cannot walk another’s path for them. You cannot really save anyone because they are not lost, they are just on a journey and their path may not be one you can follow or walk. And there is no “wrong” in that. Because you too are on your own path and the map of your karmic awakening is yours to follow and not the path of everyone either. All you can do is take responsibility for your choices. That is all. You can never take responsibility for the choices, actions, or decisions of others. It is about trusting the universe and knowing that the paths of each of us are perfectly designed to make us (eventually) take responsibility for how our words, choices, actions, and deeds will shape us in this world and in the next one also. When you step free of compulsive attachments to others being the answer and recognize that you alone have the answers you seek, then life becomes less external and much more internal. It is easy to compromise when you do not need to be right. It is easy to flow and accept the curves and changes that life presents when you do not need to have everything your way. When you stop controlling your reality because of childhood fears and traumas, you might just notice that those things that upset your small mind and your little plan were not really nuisances, but gifts designed to help you and others expand in wonderful ways, then you learn what love really is. Love is not about control but about surrender and acceptance. Love is not about protecting your idea and ideal but allowing in a greater perfection when you accept what is being offered in each moment and find the miracle hidden in the request for change.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon begins the morning in Leo and at 6:08 am EST it moves into Virgo. This position is busier and more productive but can be a bit nervous, hyper, and strained. This morning you get to see in more clarity the value of organization and how the structures and rules of your life have formed a particular way to flow in your world. You may see the value of your home life with greater certainty and depth and how those choices either allow or limit others from coming into your life. Under this Moon you might finally begin to see how you are using certain things in your mind as a way to protect what you have and not allow in more or others because of a fear of being called out in some way. Such fears are usually from childhood trauma and rarely reflect the reality. After all, if you really trusted, would have to protect yourself in such a way from truth? So often we are afraid to burst our little bubbles of illusion that we have placed around our self to validate our decisions and choices. I find such things are not necessary because I don’t believe there is any way to do anything wrong. We are all doing a pathway on the map to our own karmic journey. Lessons are learned certain ways and so letting go of the judgement is helpful in allowing the universe to give you exactly what you require to grow. It is not about right and wrong. It is about what situations break your heart open into love more authentically and deeply.

Venus is dynamically connected to Neptune at this point and you might notice (as I have) that your dreams are acting wildly. You want to gloss over reality and the details in favor of your actions and choices. That is fine. You often have to do what you have to do, to keep going in life. You may not want to see your own flaws but rather see them clearly in others instead.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Love is not about control
but about surrender and acceptance.
Love is not about protecting
your idea and ideal
but allowing in a greater perfection,
when you accept what is being offered
in each moment and find the miracle
hidden in the request for change.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I find it so interesting how some metaphysical people can use all the correct words and have the lingo down within the concepts of self-realization but when it comes to moving in life with those same tools, they are actually very controlled and rigid in their choices and actions. I find that knowledge is never enough to make us act in ways that are in alignment with the Universe … though it is a beginning. Concepts are easier to understand than implementing those concepts into actual choices and decisions that help us become better and more compassionate people. It is easy to use the right words and concepts in our interaction with others intellectually. But again, actions speak volumes. So often humanity is seduced by those that have a type of charisma and magnetism. But I learned a long time ago that a person can have a magical skill but not be able to use it with integrity. I have learned that if you do not look behind the illusion that the soul’s ego is putting out there then you can become the victim to their charms and manipulations. I have learned that everyone, including the most powerful and conscious people in the world are all human beings. We are all down here doing our own karmic journey. We all have things to learn and we are all doing our very best to navigate this complex emotional world. I believe in the possibility of a very few and special beings being enlightened but I personally have not met any yet. I have met very powerful souls who have grown to places where they have tools to share with others and concepts to expand our intellect and awareness. But if you look closer and closer you see the same human condition that affects us all. That is why I believe it is not helpful to put others before you in esteem. But to seek inward to the best and highest expression of who you can be in every moment. In that way you progress in the karmic journey towards awakening. We are all seekers on the path to awakened consciousness. We are all here to help and serve our fellow man and all of life on this planet. It is really just that simple.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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