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Numerology/Astrology for 11/29/19

11/29/19 is the number 7. It is the day for shopping. Black Friday! So you need some planning and a strategy to get things going smoothly. Remember to not overdue in this whimsy! Money may be needed for other things later. Keep to a budget and you will be pleased with yourself later.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon wanders in practical Capricorn and helps you to be resolved in keeping to your budgets. The goal is to get all the bits done but to feel accomplished in covering all the bases. This Moon is sensible and practical. Keep a cool winter head and things will go smoothly. You have to buckle down and work with others. It is good to be known that you can play well with others.

The Moon balances with Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio. Then they also align with Saturn and Pluto and you will find that being both practical and intuitive will work well together.

Mercury and Saturn are heading towards a sextile which will be exact tomorrow. This will ground your thinking and keep your expectations at a reasonable level.

You are being mentally prepared for much needed necessary organization. Decisions are practical and should be well thought out.

Practice sound judgement and be caring of others feelings. The energy is actually trickier that I am making it sound but the intention is to keep you on the track in the most positive ways with others during this holiday weekend.

Know that some may feel overwhelmed and then get sick. Stress is never good for your immune system. If you can keep the stress level to a minimum, your health will appreciate it.

While you may feel a bit inhibited and hesitant, it is way better than being reactive and aggravated. Do not let the outbursts of others lead to unnecessary conflicts.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Know that there is no way
out of your own mind.
Know that everyone will
at some point feel as if
they are losing theirs.
Silence allows you into
a deeper place of peace.
And a heart-felt, open smile
is the way to break you out
of your own insanity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Family is the place that you learn and grow.
Family is the familiar that you believe you know.
Family is the trigger that forever appears.
Family is the love that refuses to disappear.
Family is the safety that allows you to become.
Family is the light that you are forever one.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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