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Numerology/Astrology for 11/30/18

11/30/18 is the number 7. The number 7 is the Chariot card in the Tarot. Chariots carry us off towards adventure. But in all adventures, it is a good idea to have a plan, a direction, a mission, a purpose, or some sort of quest that allows you to begin that journey. Often that beginning is not what you will eventually arrive at, but it sets the direction and tone for your guides and angels to direct you along that path towards the lessons that they (the guides and angels) are responsible for you learning and acquiring. All journeys are important. All spiritual journeys are a part of your souls’ evolution. Everyone seeks out truth differently and all will find a doorway that opens them to something beyond themselves. The number 7 is the direction of the “Mysteries”. Those maps of magic and consciousness and awaken our sensitivity and compassion to the world around us and ourselves. To be a real “mystic” you have to be infinitely curious. You have to step beyond narrow-mindedness. You have to be willing to let go of needing to be right. You have to notice your own stagnation and pride. And you have to be willing to share and exchange ideas with others. There is a light of spirit that is within each person. What you do with that light is what is most critical. That light grows through sharing and caring. That light is a seed of consciousness that sparks the core of others and in igniting that wonder and magic in others your light will never die.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Discontent seems to follow you today. It is hard to get relationships to flow well with Venus in opposition to Uranus. Be aware that while you might find attractions to others that seem sudden and interesting, they probably will not last and do not have the fortitude to keep growing right now.

As we are in the holiday season know that this is a time of flowing with the familiar and the traditional. It is not a time to start new things. There is a desire and restlessness coursing through your life, but these feelings will pass and later you will see what you were running from.

In group dynamics your values and the values of others may not align. This may challenge relationships and friendships. Those that are supposed to stay will move through the confrontation and those that cannot will leave. And for now, that is how it should be.

Be aware that such confrontations may happen unexpectedly and without out warning so be prepared for anything.

You may have the feeling that you want to belong and to be together with others and at the same time you feel that desire to be free and independent. At the core of both is a deep desire for change. Sometimes you have to try something new to see how it may open you to a new and diverse place. What is clear is that old patterns are not working now.

With the Moon in Virgo you are more able to adapt to the changing circumstances and shifts in your world.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There is a light of spirit that is within each person.
What you do with that light is what is most critical.
That light grows through sharing and caring.
That light is a seed of consciousness
that sparks the core of others and in igniting
that wonder and magic in others
your light will never die.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Let’s Begin to Look at the Astrology for December 2018

Okay! We made it through November and most of 2018. Whew! What a relief. The astrology for this year was very challenging and fortunately I could see that movement would begin to happen in November and then continue to pick up in December.

With all the shifting of November you might be noticing that it just feels as if something is still missing. That is not really a problem because something is missing …..

You are being asked to expand and take things to the next level. The discomfort is a strong force to challenge you to make some decisions and those choices are putting you on notice that massive shifts are coming. Those shifts are there to help you reclaim what you feel you have lost.

The big question is “Who are we really?” The truth is that you don’t really know who you are. The ego made up a picture for you to strive towards but somehow now, under this astrology, you know that this picture is not a true authentic expression of what you feel inside. And the seeking has begun.

So, what is missing? If you look at the astrology, you will notice that there are planets retrograding back into Scorpio forcing you deeper and deeper inward and into those places that you have been unwilling to go. Then with Mars and Neptune hanging out in the emotional depth of Pisces, you discover that each of us is feeling into old wounds and the emotional suffering that we stuffed as far down as it would go. It was our attempt to cope with the reality.

Each of us is being asked to go lower and lower in the body. Further into the pelvis to confront our own sexual self. Because what we are missing is that darker energy found in the lower chakras. And that darker energy is not necessarily bad. It is a fuel that gives life and vitality to the other chakras.

Our society does not like us to go deep down in there. Religions attempt to control such “life force” energies with huge rules and consequences. Religions have attempted to keep us in the upper triad. The Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras.

While I love those as much as the rest of you, those energies need juice from below. What gives the heart vitality and power is what comes from the Root, Sexual, and Solar Plexus Chakras. This astrology is pulling us to find more meaning. That old surface life now seems shallow and false.

Thus, now we need to talk about the Great Red Giant Star, Antares. It is one of the biggest suns (883 times the size of our sun). It is found in the constellation of Scorpio. It is the rival and equivalent of Mars. It is an energy of extremes. The Sun joins Antares on December 2nd.  And Mars is going to be squaring Antares. Let’s just say that certain people in power are going to take some hits under this pattern.

That is because under this type of pattern courage is said to become foolhardiness that leads humanity unwittingly into increased dangers.

We are in Sagittarius and the centaur is facing off with the biggest Red Giant in the sky. The power of faith and belief (Sagittarius) is pulling his bow and arrow against a force that represents the lower chakras and the passions and sexual creative energy of the universe. And Mars (the planet of War) is attacking from the other side. But there is no force in the universe that can completely stop the cycles of life. We are in a time of extreme red, root chakra energy. We are dealing with our own inner dragons and demons.

Antares is that difficult process of life to death, and then death to life again. It is the planet where we have to burn off the karma from other lives while in this one. Antares has an ambition that is ruthless. Such powerful energy is difficult to modulate. It tends to get out of control and lay waste to what surrounds it.

When such a pattern shows up in the astrology it reminds me of certain leaders who live in places of extremes.

With any powerful people under the thumb of the Antares driving forcefulness, there is a great tendency to manipulate people through the manifestation of high drama, overloading sensations, and taking things to the extreme.

Does that sound like anyone you know?

The energy of Antares shows up in the stars like this when we become too complacent.

Antares pushes until you finally “take a stand” for truth against the established patterns of power and control. Antares flares up (like now) when conditions are no longer in the best interest of, nor supporting of, the evolution of this planet, life, and humanity.

Those controlled, ruled, and impacted by Antares are intended to play out the collective demons of the society. It is the ancient battle that happens when “evil” rises so that “good” can rally and bring redemption.

Antares pulls you into your “root” chakra. It pulls you into life/death, survival themes. You fear for yourself and your families. And that pushes you out of complacency into much needed action.

The energy of Antares is like Mars but more subversive and violent than Mars.

You want to be whole. But you cannot be whole if you do not look at your own sexual energy and own the good, as well as, the heavy energy you are still holding.

What I am noticing with clients is that really …. it seems to be about forgiveness of self. You have to embrace your whole self. Even that sexual side. Even those (supposed) mistakes. Only then will you be whole.

The Month of December is the beginning of that journey towards wholeness. Which is going to take years and much effort but at least we are finally beginning that journey.

We are building towards January 12th, 2020, where Pluto and Saturn are going to conjunct and come together in Capricorn. That is going to herald the completion of a 35-year cycle of exploration into alternative ways of seeing sexuality, relationships, and intimacy. Never in the world during the past 35 years, have there been so many divorces and multiple types of relationships. This astrology has been having all of us question the old rules of love and intimacy, marriage and mating, commitment and responsibility.

That conjunction on January 12th, 2020 is a moment when that 35-year cycle comes to an end and a new cycle will emerge. It is going to be about going towards whatever you want, whatever you want to become, and whatever you relate to.

A lot of the constriction around “rules” and “religion” are going to shift. They will have to shift in order to survive. The dysfunction of religions that has not been healed nor addressed has toxified to the point that it is obvious even to them that if they do not change, they will fall. You will have a choice to either go with the global flow or go hide in a hole. You see, there really is no choice.

If we really look at the astrology, we would have to go back to 1282-1284 which was the reign of Edward the I and the Scottish/Welch Uprising to see a comparable time. Notice that there is a rising up from those suffering under the yoke of too many taxes and the insanity of the wealthy as they imposed their will on those beneath them. (sound familiar?)

There are those out there in the world that are attempting to push the baby back up into the womb and not allow this new manifestation of love and passion to emerge. They are trying everything to stop the birth of this next level of human evolution.

And they will fail because you cannot keep pushing a baby back in the womb. That baby is going to be born and just like when you become a parent, no matter what you think, you have to wake up and realize that your life will now … never be the same …. Ever!

Mercury comes out of retrograde on December 6th, but it goes into the deep and penetrating sign of Scorpio on December 1st.  Then on December 2nd, Venus enters Scorpio. You might notice where relationships are working and also where they are really not working.

Chiron goes direct on December 9th. The past wounds are asking you to make some deeper choices and decisions about your life and your direction. You are looking for feeling totally full so that the choice seems simple. But there is a feeling of some sort of a build-up …. to something. There is a big spiritual quest that is attempting to break through the fear and help you find your true north, your true direction, your true purpose.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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