Numerology/Astrology for 11/30/2020 – Plus December Astrology


Numerology/Astrology for 11/30/20      


11/30/20 is the number = 9      

Add the 1 + 1 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and we get the number 9.

The time for rounding a bend in the river is at hand. What is beyond that bend is unknown as all the previous maps of our known reality end. While it is exciting for some, it can be terrifying for others. But there is nothing to fear because with our courage and experience we  have tools to carry us forward if we do not let fear get in the way.
Never let the fear win.
Never let the darkness claim your soul.
Never ever, quit or give up.
Often what you seek is just beyond our previous levels of awareness.
We have to grow with the freedom of risk.
We have to risk everything in order to find wisdom.
Within the domains of risk, the monsters of failure lurk in the shadows waiting to feed on your self-doubt.
While those monsters might get a whiff of that fear, never let there be enough for that monster to feed off of.
Only then will it let you pass … to seek another victim.
Completion comes when the truth of the seeker (within us) steps out of the shadows and becomes the light that the fear had hidden away.
Completion comes when we recognize that it was us that created the fear in order to stay safe and to not risk.
When we realize that we created the monster, then we can just as easily uncreate it.

Astrology Today


The Lunar Eclipse is tonight. If you are in North America you will be able to see it as partially shaded.

A Sagittarius Sun gives us a doorway to higher philosophical principles. It will make us take a look and evaluate our personal integrity.

The Gemini Moon opens our mind to new ways of communication in a world that seemed to previously go mad. How do we find the doorway towards a planet that moves from more unconditional love and desires to seeking wisdom rather than opinion?

Remember that the  divine is within everyone and everything. If we can touch our own higher self, that part can show us the divinity within others. We will also be able to see those that operate from only the narrow perceptive ability of symbolic illumination. And we will be able to see that the truth that they think they have does not actually have anything of substance anchored within.

We are globally in a time where our beliefs are going to not just be challenged but consistently confronted by specific facts and harsh realities. It may take time for some to adjust.

These two eclipses over the next few weeks will create a type of tension that will force us to move more and more into logic and find more efficient ways to navigate this world that are less exhausting and require more substance and integrity.

Many things are going to be reorganized and brought back into order over the next 6 months. While it is good … it will also be straining and difficult for some.
~Suzanne Wagner~




You have to grow
with the freedom of risk.
You have to risk everything
in order to find wisdom.
~Suzanne Wagner~



December Astrology Preview

This month we welcome in many new modalities of healing for personal, as well as, global transformation. Motion and actions seem to have a deeper purpose and the weight of our choices and actions seem to have substance. Depth is being re-discovered and embraced.

Relationships begin a new level of change that is more inclusive rather than exclusive.

The flaws in our world become particularly obvious. Facts begin to seem more important than beliefs.

There is a solar eclipse in generous and optimistic Sagittarius on the 14th. Adventure calls to us. The winds in the sails will have changed. Speed is gained quickly and with that humanity will embrace the excitement and opportunity that is on the horizon. Confidence grows, optimism returns, and expansion of perception becomes humanities choice of direction.

Jupiter leaves Capricorn on the 19th and Saturn leaves on the 17th. Then they conjunct and align in Aquarius at winter solstice, on December 21st. This conjunction occurs only every 20 years. It is all about tolerance, social reform, and coming from a more humanistic approach to life. Fairness creates civility. Civility is what allows democracies to grow.

We have been living in a world heavy with too much planetary focus in the earthy and dark sign of Capricorn. It will feel like a relief to move more into the idealistic and airy sign of Aquarius.

Chiron goes direct on the 15th and there are real but hard conversations that have been being avoided that will finally be confronted. It will not be comfortable. It will not be easy.

For those that were denying the truth it may feel as if they are choking on the lies that they had swallowed. Lies can never be properly digested. They are not intended to be nourishing but discouraging. They just end up festering in the toxic wasteland of denial. That is why lies eventually have to come back up and out to be expunged.

Once that is done, our eyes will clear, motivation will return and actions will seem possible. We are in a time of clearing, simplifying, and seeing things with a more critical and honest eye. When we can put our egos to the side and communicate from a place of collective prosperity, then more peace will return.

There is a Full Moon on the 29th in Cancer and it will make you want to connect with family and heal hearts and patterns from the past that have not yet had a moment to be expressed. It is time to ask some questions and to expose what had been hidden and denied.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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