November 6, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/7/15
November 7th is the number 8. The cycles of life are infinite. There is a constant fluctuation and changing of energy from one state into another. So do not grieve the changes but recognize that they are simply a part of life. Those changes are reflecting to you where you belong or where you do not belong. The breaking of beliefs and ideological perceptions is essential for you listening to the divine speaking through your heart rather than a group, religion, or book. You know deep inside if something is right or if something is wrong. Anything that causes separation, pain, and hurts others is not of the divine laws but the laws of man. Listen to you heart and you will know when things are right or wrong. Listen to your inner voice and promptings that want to break down the places that separate others and know that the deepest place of love is always generous, forgiving, and accepting of all. The Moon continues to transit the sign of Virgo until 10:15 AM EST, aligning with Mars and Venus this morning. This is the last lunar conjunction with Venus while in Virgo, as Venus is finishing its transit of Virgo tomorrow. It’s a good time for bringing a little warmth and creativity to your work or daily routine. The Moon moves into Libra at 10:15 AM, bringing your focus and bringing your relationships and personal environment into balance. With the Moon forming a sextile with Saturn tonight, you are willing to put your emotions aside in order to take care of priorities. Because you are not easily swept away by your feelings at this time, you may feel more clear-headed temporarily.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Life has a habit of going around in circles; until you stand still and decide to follow that path your heart is drawn to.

~Spiritual Awakenings~


Sometimes it takes a child to awaken us to the insanity that adults have created as rules or traditions. Just because something has been done before, or for along time, or because some book says it is so does not make it right or of the highest laws. It is the children that often wake us up to the insanity of choices that we have somehow accepted as true. It is the innocence of children and the protection of that innocence in children that is essential to keep close to our hearts. We think that we need to toughen up children so they can deal with the real world. But that is often a mistake. Within children is innocence and a deep connection to the divine that has not been shattered by the density of the planet yet. That is to be protected, listened to, and kept sacred.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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