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Astrology/Numerology for 1/16/18

1/16/18 is the number 10. In this moment this number 10 of Power and Radiance, points us in the direction of not looking for those in power outside of us to save us but inside our core essence in order to claim our own personal integrity and balance by doing what is right. There is a huge burst of energy that happens when you take back the responsibility for your life and your choices. The number 10 is the symbol of love and light, Isis and Osiris. That balance of power and creativity that is ordained in this world and holds the vital energy on this planet in a constructive and productive way. Power needs to be used with wisdom. And right now, in governments the world over that is not even remotely the case. Right now, there is a dark destructive power that is wielded to suppress, abuse, manipulate, and to line the pockets of those in power. Power without consciousness becomes destruction. Power without discipline creates chaos which those in power then use to manipulate and destroy people and possibilities even further. Your only choice is to find your personal power center, know your core essence, know your purpose, and then move off in that direction regardless of life’s external circumstances.
The New Moon is in Capricorn tonight at 9:18 PM EST as the Moon aligns with the Sun. A new beginning is upon us. All of the planets are bunched up on one-half of the zodiac stretching from Scorpio to Aries. Think of a bowl; everything is contained within it. On a personal level, you take a look at what is filling your bowl, but also get a good look at what is missing in your life. Take a good look within to determine how you can shift the structure of your life to bring forth some of those missing pieces. A sacred Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine.” Like those pilgrims you are seeking to find personal meaning to your life. Perhaps it is time to raise your consciousness above and beyond the din of your busy world to seek greater meaning and the higher service that you really came to do. Six of the ten planets in astrology are in Capricorn now, so you have an opportunity to bring your higher ideals you discover at the mountaintop into the mundane world. The coming weeks are a time during which it is appropriate to focus on the constructive traits of the sign of the Goat. Capricorn is tenacious, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, and constant. Consider how to incorporate these qualities into your life positively. Use all your focus in the practical and attainable long-term goals. It is time to grow up and work on developing maturity, common sense, prepare for the future, make commitments, recognize where you are personally responsible, and realistically nurture your dreams. Start small and be very realistic in your approach. With this intensely focused Capricorn energy, you have the chance to create some serious order in your life but you will have to do the hard work. There are no easy doors or shortcuts. It is essential to embrace reasonable boundaries and rules for your personal health and well-being. That is really the only way you can reduce worry in this chaos. This lunation aligns with Venus, forms a square to Uranus, and sextiles Mars, suggesting the need to break away from old, outdated patterns so that you can move forward authentically. Venus is attempting to suggest that diplomacy is the way to advance your goals, but Uranus in Aries may not feel very comfortable with this idea as it squares the New Moon.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Nothing in all the world is more
dangerous than sincere ignorance
and conscientious stupidity.
~Martin Luther King Jr.~


Lie to me again and watch me smile
At your soul’s obvious denial.
I am not here to validate your soul’s
lack of insight and gaping holes.
I am here to show you what you refuse to see.
I am here to remind you that there is a penalty
for causing mayhem, chaos, and harm.
When you overrule the truth in favor of a firearm.
In that moment I will sit back
Fall into the shade of a tree while you fight and attack.
You think I should care and try to rescue you.
You think I should fight to show you ….you.
But that is not my job to try to disarm,
All that your ego wants to charm.
I do not care if you fight and fall.
You are here to overhaul.
All that you lost but cannot seem to find

Is hidden in that corner where you are still blind.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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