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Numerology/Astrology for 11/7/17

I am in Delhi for a few days. Internet is up and running again.


11/7/17 is the number 9. Completion comes when you least expect it. The universe does not let you know in advance when some of those completions will take place. Which is why you always should attempt to live from a place of authentic expression and loving kindness at all turns. You never know when someone special will be leaving the planet or when a situation is completed even if you are not really ready for that moment. Have you really expressed your heart fully to others? Have you shown such love that when it is someone’s time to leave this planet that you know that all that needs to be said will have been said? Never hold back the love. That is what is needed more now in this moment than anything. Be generous with all that you have and all that you are. Remember, to notice what is appropriate for each person individually. Because what is that fullest expression for one may be overwhelming for another. That does not mean to hold back it just means to consider how someone can and will absorb that energetic contribution. Give from a place that they can fully receive not from a place that makes you feel good.
Election day on the 7th has graceful Venus moving through raw Scorpio for the rest of November. Gentle sensuality meets graphic Scorpionic sexuality. You can talk about difficult subjects that make people uncomfortable- sex, death, and taxes. Early today, mental pressures or troubles can be unsettling as Mercury and Pluto form a semi-square. We should watch for obsessing over an issue that you may feel that you can’t or shouldn’t control. Remember that the universe has a plan and that plan is to illuminate things that have been festering below the surface for too long. Truth can be shocking. Change is often harder that recognizing the truth. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until 5:40 AM EST, after which the Moon moves through the sign of comfort-seeking Cancer. Deeply passionate relations are the focus with Venus in Scorpio. Superficial flirtations and contacts do not satisfy now, as you yearn for a deeper “body and soul” connection with someone special that breaks you out of that “normal” cycle. Expect things to get intense and unforgettable. This is a highly emotional and passionate position for Venus. Be aware that under such influences projects, pleasures, and relationships can consume you. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up your own power to others are strong. There can be disdain for routine today. Sometimes circumstances are such that your life may seem too chaotic or scattered to be successful in a well-rounded way. You should watch for that sudden impulse to abandon certain goals, projects, responsibilities, or commitments now. The Moon’s trine to Jupiter this afternoon is encouraging and generous, while the Moon-Mars square tonight can stimulate tension and impulsive reactions.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Don’t get too attached to me. I borrowed this body to play with you
in this time and place. But it is only the shell to hold my soul and
express that essence to the capacity that this body’s vehicle
is capable of doing in this dimension and time.
I borrowed this body to show you .. You.
Sometimes to get you to see that I must leave this reality for a time.
In the absence of my essence perhaps you will see that there
is more beyond than you realize.
Perhaps you will remember all those times where together
there was magic.
And it will be the energy of that magic that will pull us
back together again.
That magic is Love.

~Suzanne Wagner –
Dedicated to my dear friend
who is preparing to transition
to the other side~




I got notice from my friend’s son today that my dear friend who has fought cancer for many years is loosing that battle to pneumonia. As I sit here in Delhi after a magnificent trip to Nepal I remember such amazing heart felt moments with her and feel into that magical place that pulls souls together again and again as the spiritual family that we are. We have so many spiritual family. So many that came to help, to teach, to support, to hold us, to love us, and to show us that when we think we can’t that we actually can. Such friends are golden and ancient. They are what attracts us again and again to this human reality. To dance in the light of each other’s glow. We are here to connect and discover the things still waiting there for us to uncover and become brave enough to claim as our experience.
There were many moments climbing the Himalayas that I was on or over my personal edge. There are many reasons for each of those edges but all of them feel as if you confront that place of death and dying inside. I believe that you have to be willing to let go of the mind’s limitations and discover what is on the other side of that wall that you have been holding in front of you that is your personal “death”. Physical exertion pushes you into the places that all levels of reality come together and become a huge mirror. If you can stand in acceptance and face that mirror that you have been so afraid of, you move beyond the known into the magic of the unknown. Bodies are an incredible vehicle to contain and hold so much more than you often utilize or recognize. By being at that edge, emotions and your beliefs arise in ways that show you that in such moments your ego cannot control who you are. In those moments, you can easily recognize that the ego is a pointless energy drain of avoidance. It takes so much energy to keep ego going. It takes so much time (that you may not have) to keep ego distracting you from what is really important. Love is important. Connection is important. Being with another fully is important. Seeing each person in all their magnificence and all their karmic suffering is important. Compassion is not possible if you are unwilling to be fully present with another.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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