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Numerology/Astrology for 1/17/20

1/17/20 is the number 4. If you add the 1 +1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 13.  1 + 3 = 4.

What does it take to balance the world? Usually it take us leaving things alone or at least intend to leave place natural and wild. It is humanity that throws things out of balance. And while humanity has been doing this forever (we highly contributed to the extinction of a majority of plants, animals, birds and insects) we had begun to turn it around. And there are countries that are actively continuing to do just that (such as Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, much of northern Europe). But America used to be a leader in this fight for the environment. And it is time we return to that position once again. Without regulations for corporations, those big companies will continue to destroy our world to save money and make money. I believe that large companies have never had the ability to self-regulate. Greed is too strong of a deadly sin for most to not fall into its clutches. I believe government is to be a reflection of a countries soul. Right now, ours is not looking so good.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

We are in the last quarter of the Moon and it is also in Libra. There is a strong awareness of the crisis of moral consciousness that is happening in this world. What is not working is in a light that can be seen. There are always those that want to hide their heads and pretend that everything is fine and there are those that will intend to shine the brightest light into those darkest corners where the creatures of despair, hate, and hurt linger. It is up to us to prepare, as the decreasing light of the Moon descends us into our unconsciousness. We are being asked to notice that which is hard to look at. We are being asked to take an honest evaluation of what we have become. Mistakes are a part of life and are not a problem until no correction is implemented. Correction is now obvious and clearly required.

Mercury is moving into a square with Uranus while it will sextile Chiron, and semi-square Neptune, while it parallels Mars. While this is a type of breakthrough of awareness and the potential for healing and correction, it is also highly volatile. Be aware that there are many impatient and upset people that are operating far off the edges of their normal comfort positions. Never, ever be rude. You could be that energy that allows others to break and fall off that edge they are hanging onto. There is a sense of disorganization and because of that a type of abruptness. Communications can get confusing quickly. Understand yourself first and you might be able to understand another.

We are moving into a Scorpio Moon this evening when most are in bed asleep. Know that more dark things will continue to be revealed. I know everyone is exhausted from this energy but we are not remotely done with the challenges of the continued unraveling of tremendous dysfunction. This process will take years. As such, everyone needs to find a pace and flow that they can maintain. There will be no goals that will be reached quickly. All levels of success are going to be earned through great effort and cost. Imagine you are a mule going up the Grand Canyon from the Colorado River. You know everything is up hill and you know that you cannot run to get to the top. You find a pace that is maintainable and you just keep going. That is the way for all of us at this time. All obstacles will require your conscious restraint. Many will fall into melancholy and unhappiness because they cannot find a way to move through the lack of decent choices at the moment. Just do what is right in front of you. But do not delay. Even if that means just doing what you need to get done for an hour a day. Expect eccentric and erratic behavior to continue to be the norm. While you may not like it, you will still need to deal with it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I am the hope
that freedom gives.
I am a product of the
values of that freedom.
I knew men and women
whose oath to their office
and position meant more
to them than their own lives.
You cannot kill an idea
that is the highest human
potential and value.
You cannot destroy a
driving force and birthright
of all souls and living things.
~Suzanne Wagner~





I remember when life used to be calm, routine, and predictable. I remember when I believed in what America stood for and that we were a model out there in the world for a functional option that showed that people of all walks of life could and would work together. I remember being so proud and honored to be a part of a project into the greatest human potential.

I remember when I would travel internationally and how people would come up to me in awe and ask questions about life in America. I remember feeling like an ambassador for the American Ideals and Dreams.

I will never forget seeing the hope in the eyes of those who had suffered at the hands of systems and governments as they struggled to survive in order to have the hope of thriving in a distant future.

Freedom is a longing and a calling of all living things and America stood for that deep desire in the hearts of so many in the world.

I remember, knowing even then that our government was not perfect but there were more souls working and fighting within that system to make a difference and that had the intention to hold up the values of our forefathers.

I remember men and women whose oath to their office and position meant more to them than their own lives. I still hold that place within my heart.

Many of you have known real freedom. Many of you have felt the glorious sensation of having opportunities to become what you believed you could be. Many of you also fought hard to get to where you are now.

Are you willing to fight again to bring this country back to its moral obligation that it has held in the world for the last two plus centuries?

I hope so. Because we need everyone to remember that taste and smell of freedom. And that needs to be the guiding principal to bring us back to what is the truest and most important at this time.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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