November 7, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/8/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/8/16

11/8/16 is the number 10. What do you want to commit to in the near future? What is your next step or path? There is a new beginning happening with this huge Scorpio season. This Mars/Uranus energy has been wreaking havoc on direction, what is happening, and what is really going on. This is a moment to find your personal new direction and step up into the place that has been difficult for you to find. There is this feeling that it is time to come out of that closet that you have been hiding in as you attempted to keep your head down and not get hit by all this venom, anger, and resentment that has infected our world at this time. But there is also a moment when you can no longer stay in the old place and you have to take that risk and do something very different than you have before. All of this energy is asking for you to rise out of the old and embrace a new you but that new you might look very different than anything you could have imagined. Power now might look like a calmer life with less trying to save the world and more just following your bliss. This pattern is about change for you. That change can look like anything. If you have been trying to be heard and no one is listening ask the question, “Where I am not listening to a deeper part of myself that is attempting to get me to pay attention?” All external reflects a deeper internal problem and if you were getting really honest with yourself this external is really trying to get all of our attentions. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 4:46 PM EST, and this is giving you an opportunity to be more friendly and humanitarian. It is time to move away from those things that are overly negative or that lash out and hurt others. Fortunately this is election day and many of you may be battling waning motivation, lowered energy, or personal problems that interfere with our ability to nurture and care for others this morning. It is time to let the decisions and choices be made and laid out there and from what ever the decision is to come together as a country to create changes that help shift this negative energy into something more productive. There may be up-in-the-air or confusing elements all through this day. It would be wise to avoid putting pressure on others with your personal expectations or neediness now. Your judgment may be skewed by wishful thinking. Be very careful about making non-factual decisions right now, particularly with Mars traveling the last degree, which pushes you towards hasty actions and impulsive choices that you might regret later. The Moon is in Pisces from 4:46 PM EST forward, stimulating gentle, sensitive, and perhaps escapist tendencies.
~Suzanne Wagner~
There is a consequence of awakening. You must become fully integrated once again. You must live and breathe the duality that simply is. You must feel the pain and joy of consciousness and somehow remain fully in love’s embrace, breathing the passion of compassion, witnessing each excruciating moment without shutting down, numbing out, going into blame, labeling, or judging. You cannot control the game. You can only become one with it. You cannot master anything. You can only uncover the possibilities within you that have not yet come into awareness. So the experience itself is eternity. Eternity in a bubble of limitation. Divinity sparked creative expression shadowed with loss, flavored with despair, and colored with the dream that longs to awaken.

~Suzanne Wagner~



As a country, we are painfully awakening to an awareness that we did not want to see. We are seeing what happens when people are not listened to, educated in the ways to discern truth from fiction, and when people of power and money overly abuse those with less for long periods of time until those people hit the breaking point. We are in a time where many things have to change. I hope that we can learn to come together to implement those changes in conscious ways and create laws that protect the middle and lower class and stop big business from continued corruption and abuse of the bulk of humanity. It takes great will and strength to step out of all the anger and learn to use that anger in constructive ways that are channeled for the good of all.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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