January 17, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/18/16
January 18th is the number 10. Yes, it has been pouring rain here in northern California. The water that we so desperately need has finally come and it is this wetness that brings in new beginnings for all of the life here. The cycles of life always have to start over and begin again. Learning to become one with those cycles and learn to accept what is true in the moment is challenging to those of us with minds that love to explore the infinite possibilities. But right now, just step into this moment and know that all things change and let that new beginning become a place of ease and acceptance rather than fight against the flow and to bring the drama into your life. Let the drama instead be something of amazement and wonder at the shifts in life, the weather, your feelings, your job, your relationships, etc. When you can let the past be the past and let yourself move into a place of recognizing that right now in this moment is also infinity, then you begin to grasp the power and potential that is surrounding you. A trine between Mars and Neptune this morning is strong for feeling inspired, letting go of anger, and softening of your dispositions. Creative arts, particularly physical ones, are favored. However, you also experience a Sun-Saturn semi-square – a minor but potentially annoying influence. You may be feeling a little discouraged by roadblocks or a lack of gratitude. The Moon is in Taurus all day, encouraging a stronger interest in material and sensual pleasures. Towards the end of the day, Mercury and Chiron are moving towards a harmonious sextile aspect, and this is a strong energy for understanding, learning, and communicating.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“She’s a violent storm of love, the kind of woman that reminds you what it feels like to be alive.”



Women are a storm of energy and love. There are many men out there with a love language that is about quiet, peace, and no conflict. Unfortunately women are almost never that. Which makes things difficult for those men that want and believe that love is a lack of conflict. Love is conflict. Love is like a “threshing floor” to quote, Gibran (the author). Love is dynamic, intense, passionate, and through being willing to confront that intensity there is a place where someone feels seen and accepted. Only when a woman feels truly seen and accepted for the complicated conflagration of fire and energy that she is can she learn to feel safe. When a woman feels safe then and only then can she calm down and be that peaceful river where a man can fall into and rest.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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