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Numerology/Astrology for 11/8/18


11/8/18 is the number 3. This number 3 reminds you that while there are things to celebrate. You are on a roller coaster and it is a fast and twisted ride. And that this ride is going to continue so it is important to enjoy and feel the wind against your face and know that there is a drop ahead because that is just the nature of a roller-coaster.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


There is a shift with Jupiter and the Moon moving into Sagittarius. That is designed to get us to look at what is this story telling us. What is the story that you are telling yourself about this time? What hero/heroine journey are you on at this moment? What is it you are seeking? Each of us are on our own unique journey and somewhere in this story we will discover the convergence and connection of all of us. But we are not there yet. We are on individual paths to discover who we are. We do not know even the end goal other than to remember and connect with our mission and purpose. So this novel being written is in chapters of each person’s steps forward or backward. Each chapter shifts to another character and storyline. Each with its own agenda. It seems at this point in the story that it is an irritating fragmentation of storylines that are difficult to figure out how they will eventually relate to each other. But they will. And while this story is difficult to follow, you will need to understand each person’s choices and decisions so that when that moment comes to converge, that connection is as smooth and loving as possible. This is a great story. A difficult story. A story without all the happy endings. But a story that is true.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius and it belongs to Sagittarius. So this is a happier place for it to be. It will be expanding and broadening our perspective until December 2, 2019. This will help us find places to express and show more generosity and compassion. Jupiter in Sagittarius is about doing the right thing and to keep that as your motto for the next year. It is time to be confident and brave. It is time to entertain new ideas and to embark on adventures that allow for expansion and growth.

The more compassion you show the more tolerant we also become. It will show you how to practice what you preach and it will show you if you are not walking your talk.

The Moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius at midday giving us energy to pull ourselves out of the old and into the new. We seek new doorways to old problems.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Death is not the greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
~Norman Cousins~



Life is an interesting deal. We have a special and unique opportunity to experience a human life. Such a precious and fragile gift. One that at the end we are all going to die. So, what will you do with this precious life? What choices will define your life and enhance the lives of others? The game is to put everything you have into each moment because that is all that you have. There is a powerful spirit within each human being. You have an opportunity to experience all the pleasures of physical life but at the end is death. Each of us are writing the great book of our life and experience. Is your book exciting? Is your book repetitive and boring? Is your book filled with love and caring shared? Is your book filled with challenges to overcome? Is your book filled with art and beauty? Is your book filled with the love of family and friends?

None of us have a book that is probably a non-stop nail biter. But there are moments that shape and define the direction and focus of this life. Reflect back on those and see how it has changed you and made you better or worse. Some of the greatest tests do not end in success. Some of the greatest tests are tests of character and moral fortitude. Some tests are yours and yours alone because only you can see the future consequences of certain actions. Some tests are yours to witness and therefore never repeat. Notice the tests and challenges today? How can you make this a day that is a chapter in that book to remember and have this experience become a moment that brings out the most beautiful and powerful energy within your core?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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