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Numerology/Astrology for 11/8/20


11/8/20 is the number = 14 or the number 5.

Add the 1 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and you will get the number 14. Add 1 + 4 = 5

The Number 5 encourages us to be “Seekers of Wisdom through Experience”.

The Number 5 day is all about discovering how to keep our head and heart in alignment. To keep a clear and positive intention. To move from a place of motivation that is honorable and life-affirming. And to make all choices in alignment with the Mother Earth.

If any of these aspects are out of balance then either you will feel and experience suffering or you will be the cause of suffering.

Today the lesson is to stay grounded and accepting of the gifts being offered and hold tight to our sense of self. Be warned that this number can make us feel a deep inner need for fulfillment which can drive one to do destructive things for a moment of pleasure. Don’t do it!

Such energy can look dense, dangerous, and chaotic to the higher places of our consciousness. It can cause a state of confusion and force us to accept the frailty of our humanness.

The number five indicates that it is time to become grounded and present around what is happening in our physical body and in the real world. The number five indicates that through learning how to struggle with physical reality, we become stronger and more able to adapt.

The Brahmins considered this number to be important because through form, perception, consciousness, action, and knowledge, man learns to transcend the qualities that break down civilizations and the gifts of mankind.

Positive characteristics of the number five are; stability and passion.

Negative characteristics of the number five are; stubbornness and an inability to move away from beliefs and ideologies.

When this energy is working against its normal flow, we will feel trapped by the circumstances of life.
Today, something is trying to get our attention to do something different. Now, the question is …. Will we?
Know that some people may seem stubborn and resistant. Humanity is not fond of change. We will tenaciously hold on to past patterns even if they are not working. In such moments, the universe will force us through pain and misery to change

This number intends to teach patience and promote healing and stability.

Lessons of the Number 5 day are:
If you do not stay grounded and accepting of the gifts being offered to you, you may lose your sense of self. This can cause a deep inner need for fulfillment which can drive one to do destructive things for a moment of pleasure.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today


The Leo Moon squares the sun and it makes everyone review and reflect on what has been and is happening in our world. We are preparing to move into something new. It will be a fight to the finish regardless in this election.

As I warned, this will not really be settled until the middle of December. And right now it looks like a recount and that will take a month. While we are not out of any stress position at the moment, we still need to decide what the next steps are. Be warm and loving with this Leo Moon, especially since the weather is sharply cooling off and the precipitation is beginning. All great news for those in fire areas.
Honor the boundaries of others. Do not think you are the authority over anything or anyone. Put extra energy into what you are doing and make choices that are inclined to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Next week can get really rough. We need everyone in the best energetic place they can muster and discover this entire weekend. Hold tight to what makes a real difference in this world. Love is always the way.

~Suzanne Wagner~





Will you hold tight to humanities dream?
Not the attachments that make you want to scream.
Will you allow Universal Flow?
More than those thoughts that you think you know.
Will you see past the manipulations and fears?
Into the hidden suffering and tears.
~Suzanne Wagner~






Over the rocks and stones we have traveled throughout time. Our ancestors are the giants that we seek when we feel into the magnificence of our huge hearts.
It is the heart of man that carries the torch. It is the power that fuels the adventure and drive.
We are each much larger than this fragile frame that carries our light. Our bones may break but our spirit is fierce and expands beyond our form to learn how to manifest form from intention and dream.
We are here to create what comes next. We are here to reach past the historical successes and mistakes of our ancestors. We are here to create something that is not yet in form. We are here to bring that light out of our heart and into this world. If everyone would set that intention, I can’t imagine what beauty and magnificence together we could manifest.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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