December 9, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 12/10/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/10/19

12/10/19 is the number 7.  Mental discipline is the theme of the day. Without structure and internal mental discipline anyone can be pulled and manipulated into distortion. From there it is easy to get them to do something that is harmful and that can cause suffering for others. Outrage is the emotion that flies out of the primal (reptilian) brain and it often moves without the mental checkpoints of the higher mind. That is where everyone needs to become more aware. Humanity needs to see past this reactive state of mind that only causes continued social breakdown of governments, systems, and countries. We are better than this but not if we do not learn to have some mental discipline so that we can notice the emotions, restrain the reaction or response, think about it, analyze it, and them come to a conclusion about what to do that serves the highest good of all but also minimize the karmic hit that your own soul will take later.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in curious and inquisitive Gemini and you expand awareness on a mental level. You wish to perfect a thought our an ideal. Communication and getting an idea across is important and you want to learn. Diversification is naturally happening.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Sagittarius, making it important to consider your spiritual gifts and how you intend to give them out. You need to look carefully if someone is ready for such energy. It is not about what you want to give another but what they need next to help them open in love. Remember, thoughts are not necessarily truth and if you get that confused you will manifest more difficulties.

There is a minor square between the Sun and Uranus early in the day. This makes you want to move something into action. You may feel thwarted in knowing where to start but know that you will have to wait for the correct energetic flow.

Situations may test your patience. Try a new approach that is useful and instructive instead.

There is a Venus-Saturn alignment and it helps you to be more thoughtful and help you notice your attachments and where you wish to put your affections. Indulgences are pulled back and you seem willing to sacrifice something for a feeling or principle.

Extravagances will catch up to you. It is necessary to approach choices from a mature angle. There is a new dose of realism in your relationships. Notice the cares and concerns of others. Take responsibility for your choices and actions and know that everyone has feelings.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You cannot change what clearly is.

You are here to deal with the physical plane.

While the mind may not want what the world

is dishing up. That does not really matter.

Denying what is right in front of you

will never work because it will never go away.

Any form of denial, limits creative expression

and the possibilities that precipitate change.

Change is what this world

wanted us to experience.

Change and the ability to adapt is

essential for survival and growth.

Those that deny the reality are only

limiting themselves in the long run.

They eventually cause their own extinction.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Your life is a camera where nothing is missed.
That cool objective eye of truth follows you around.
You may notice that something or someone is always watching.
That would be your soul and the Divine working in unison
for the greater good of your human growth and development.
Because when you die you will get to see the movie of your life.
The moments when you rose and showed
the most magnificent side of humanity and conscience.
But also those moments when fear paralyzed you
and allowed you to do things that were unthinkable
and against the very gift of life that you have been offered.
It will be those moments when you knew better and chose
comfort and safety over truth, growth, and what was right
that will haunt you and cause you to feel the consequences
of the suffering that you manifested from your denial.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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