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Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/17
12/1/17 is the number 5. Take two of something and try to calm down. There is much that is not within your control. Own that and know that it will be what it will be regardless of your wants, desires, and dreams today. And it will be cosmically perfect if you allow it to unfold in its natural order.
Honestly, this is again a moment when the stress could get to you and the external conflicts might seem magnified and like a monster at the door. Do your best to stay calm and work on what is right in front to you. Expect there to be situations that seem to want to pick a fight with you emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically. Take time to consider your approach and learn self-restraint in many of your encounters. You will be much happier if you do. Watch, observe, and do not step into a mess monster if you can possibly avoid it. Venus moves into Sagittarius on Friday through the 24th. This is a highly social energy so get out and meet new and old friends. It isn’t the best commitment energy for romance, but it should be a lot of fun. Mars is also opposite Uranus early Friday morning. That can produce difficulty sleeping on but it may also produce a brilliant idea. If so, write it down or it will be gone by morning. The Moon moves into Gemini on Saturday, so that support short projects, errands and quick conversations. Since Mercury turns retrograde today, give yourself extra time to get where you need to be. While the Moon spends the day in steady Taurus, Uranus is strong and challenging today, suggesting an unpredictable or rebellious theme. The Mars-Uranus opposition perfects this morning, and you are more inclined than usual to take risks and to act on sudden impulses, possibly in a short-sighted way. Arguments and confrontations are possible now, and anger can erupt quickly. If you aren’t too rash or impulsive, you might free yourself from restrictive circumstances, and this influence can provide you with the courage to assert yourself. Later today, the Sun and Uranus form a minor square, and while you feel the need for action, you may not know where to begin or go with your intentions. Unexpected changes in plans or events can test your patience, but they might also necessitate new approaches, leading to useful, instructive, or interesting detours. Venus enters Sagittarius today and will transit the sign until the 25th. Romantic adventures, as well as a straightforward–even blunt–approach to love, are on the agenda. You leave behind complexities and embrace directness and clarity. You take pleasure in seeking truth and higher meaning, and you are open, sincere, and optimistic with others. This is not the best time for carefulness with money.


December 2017

There are two big things to talk about in December. Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius from December 2/3 to the 22nd. There are moments when even I am extremely careful in my communication and this is that moment. There is too much in fire. Mercury is in Sagittarius, Venus is in Sagittarius and Uranus is ending its cycle in Sagittarius. Sometimes it is best to not put more wood on an already burning fire. This is that moment. Expect communications breakdowns which will force you to adapt in sudden and untimely ways. Expect your upcoming holiday travel plans. It is also good to do some behind the scenes preparation for future projects. Mercury is retrograde over an energetic point called Galactic Center, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. “Long term goal” Saturn also travels over this point from late November into early December. A possible meaning for this uncommon alignment is that it is time to align yourself with a higher purpose for the New Year. Sagittarius takes the high road and makes big plans. Perhaps it is time to prepare to travel or publish? The second big event of the month is Saturn moving into Capricorn for two years beginning on December 19. This involves the very structure of your life. In the world, it has to do with taxes, infrastructure, boundaries, prejudice and the law. On the personal level, it is time to step into your wise elder authority figure. Take responsibility for something larger than your personal self. Establish healthy boundaries and be willing to restructure the core foundation of your life. Winter Solstice on the 21st is under a social and friendly Aquarius moon. Christmas is relatively quiet under an introspective void-of-course moon. The moon is in talkative Gemini for New Year’s Eve, making for sharing your ideas, but don’t believe everything you hear!
~Suzanne Wagner~



Love shines through the fear and pain.
Love comes through in the face of distain.
Love makes life seem like the doorway to heaven.
Love is the yeast in life’s leaven.
It grows on things and makes them expand.
It takes the simple and makes them grand.
Tomorrow you may die and what will you see.
But the creative matrix that was your pain and glee.
Do not stop that desire to create.
Do not let your joy fall through a grate.
Take a moment and reclaim what naturally is.
You are a light in life’s quiz.
Without your generous soul’s expression.
Life seems only about aggression.
Turn around and give what you were given.
Let love open the hearts of the unforgiven.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Batten down the hatches and get ready for the changing seasons of the soul. December is an intense month no matter how you break it down. The question you might ask yourself is, “Is it really worse or am I worse?” The external is getting worse but internally everyone is beyond exhausted which makes coping skills not very good or effective. Expect to fail….miserably. Do your best to admit the f**k up and try to not beat yourself up in the process. Beating yourself further down serves no one at all. Expect mistakes from all sides, retail, shipping, etc. And do your best to just say, “Oh well!” What can you do anyway? Yelling and having a temper tantrum is not going to help make it different or change the outcome faster anyway.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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